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Apple Bluetooth Headset arrives – looks aren’t everything

So Apple has finally gotten around to releasing their Bluetooth Headset for the iPhone. The iPhone has already been out for a month now, and I suspect that many people have already purchased a different headset. However, for those that have been waiting, or still on the fence about what headset to get, our own Vincent Nguyen has gotten himself one, and put it to the test.

Toshiba Qosmio G45-AV680 sets to impress with HD-DVD drive and 1080p playback

Today Toshiba announced their latest addition to the Qosmio line with the new G45-AV680. This marks their first US model to include an HD-DVD drive and full 1080p playback resolution.

Amp’d users now have service until July 31st

In case you hadn't checked your calendar, today is July 24, the day that Amp'd was set to “possibly” shut off their mobile phone service. However, as users still on the network have noticed, the service is still up and running.

PS3 sales are up 135% since Sony announced price cut

For months now I've said that Sony really needs to think about dropping their price on the PS3. Their sales haven't been the best, and the two biggest complaints are a lack of good titles and the high price. Since Sony can't make games come out any faster, the only thing they can do is drop the price. Sony finally did this, but was my theory correct?

D-Link DUB-9240 Wireless USB Kit

The kit contains two similarly named devices, a wireless USB hub (DUB-2240) and the USB adapter (DUB-1210). The hub has four ports and operates between 3.4Ghz-4.5Ghz so as not to interfere with any other devices.

Dell Inspirons and IBM ThinkPads Gain Freedom From Wires

Now that wireless USB is a certified standard, people couldn’t wait to put it into something other than a USB device (kind of defeats the purpose, no?). Now it appears a couple of PC manufacturers have taken that leap.

Ever Wish You Could Roll Out In Style In Your Brand New Warthog?

Now, thanks to Peter Jackson’s WETA workshop, you are that much closer. That’s right folks; they have done it, made a full scale, working, version of the warthog from the popular Halo series of games.

Mixx Vegan Cell Phone Case

If you're looking for a new cell phone case and enjoy the cuter side of things for your gadgets you'll enjoy this line from Mixx.

Pingy the Mini Fire Extinguisher

Have a tendency to start random fires while your out and about? Well just carry around Pingy and you'll always be safe from spontaneous combustion.

The Kartwell Eros Swivel Chair

Looking for new furniture for your bachelor or bachlorette pad? This luxury swivel chair would be just the thing to add to your collection.

The Squished Animal CD Holder

I think I'm going to go get my head checked because for some reason I find this CD Holder hilarious. Apparently I'm a little more easily amused than I thought.

The Reel Rocker

I'm sure some of you still remember using a giant spool for either you kitchen table or if nothing else use it outside as a table. I actually was born after the generation of spools and crates for furniture, however, I can appreciate a classic when I see one.