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Review – The CardioChek from Polymer Technology

I recently received a CardioChek portable blood test system from Polymer Technology Systems. The gadget is used to test your blood for a number of different things including Total Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol and Triglycerides.

I'm only 22 years old, skinny, and tend to live off of pizza and whatever I can cook in the microwave, so I don't really care about my cholesterol. I thought about how exactly to test out this product, as this would be my first medical gadget that I've reviewed. After consulting one of my fellow writers, I decided that since the target audience for this product would not be the 20-something age group, I would need to find a someone else to help me out.

Circuit City showing Xbox 360 price cut across the board

We've been hearing about the Xbox 360 price drop quite a bit lately, and now Circuit City is showing a price cut as well. What is different about their flyer is that it shows a price break on all three Xbox 360 models.

GPS Jammer – For those on the run

I'm not really the paranoid type. I know that I'm not important enough for anyone to try and track me down. However, if you're some sort of big-shot and have something to hide, you might like this next gadget that will keep you off of the radar.

Chromatic hubs from Brando add some color to your workspace

Here's a couple of crazy USB hub, because I'm sure you don't have enough. These come to us from Brando, who is well known for making almost anything you can imagine that has a USB port.

Acer Aspire 5710Z features Ubuntu preinstalled

Linux has always been pretty easy to get your hands on. You just pick out your favorite distro, download it and install. Piece of cake, right? Until recently, it has been much more difficult to get Linux preinstalled on a machine, unless it was a server. Dell has already begun offering systems that include Ubuntu rather than Windows, for a decent savings. It appears that Acer is now following in their footsteps.

While it doesn't look like Acer has launched an entire line of Linux-based machines, however, there has been an advertisement in Singapore for an Acer Aspire 5710Z with Ubuntu preinstalled.

USB Fragrance Oil Drive makes everything smell better

Do you smell bad? Be honest now, it's ok if you absolutely reek, mostly because I'm nowhere near you. If you do have a bad smell, or more likely are in a place that smells bad, this little gizmo might be able to help you out.

The USB Fragrance Oil Drive is exactly what it sounds like. The red or green device looks about like a USB flash drive, and is roughly the same size as one. You just add a few drops of your favorite (if you have one) essential oil and it will supposedly make everything smell better.

Rumor – New video-capable iPod nano on the way

Looking forward to getting a new iPod? If you don't need something as large as the full-size iPod but still want some video playback, you might like the new iPod nano.

Amp’d brought to its knees by porn

Today is the last day of July, which once again means that Amp'd mobile is “probably” shutting off their service. We haven't received word yet on whether or not customers are still able to place calls on their Amp'd phones. Then again by now most of them have probably jumped ship anyway. But why exactly are they going under.

Gigabyte W251-G5 – Small, sleek, but still packs some power

I'm not a huge fan of smaller laptops, mostly because I hate sacrificing my larger screens. However, when I'm traveling to shows I do get burdened by carrying around a larger (and bulkier) laptop. So I'm almost thinking that I need to get a smaller notebook just so I'm not weighed down. This new one from Gigabyte looks pretty appealing.

iTunes sales top three billion

There's no denying that Apple is having a great year. They kicked it off in January by announcing the iPhone and the Apple TV,  two new products to their lineup. While the sales of the Apple TV aren't anything to rave about, the iPhone has done pretty well for itself. Don't forget the iPod, Apple's flagship gadget; back in April they announced that their 100 millionth iPod was sold. Now they've hit another milestone, this time with iTunes.

iPhone data roaming bills nightmare

iPhone data roaming bills nightmare

Dave Stolt, an iPhone user and AT&T customer was slapped with a big bill due to data roaming after his travel to England and Ireland. Apparently AT&T does not offers unlimited international data roaming on the iPhone. They do however offers that options for Blackberry users. Here is what Dave has to say about the situation.

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Cect mobile wristwatch phone

Japanese are not the only people that can create cool gadgets, a phone manufacturer in China has got some nice prototype of wristwatch phone called Cect mobile watch phone.

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