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Super-Ferrari owner uses it as daily-driver

The one thing worse than knowing there are hyper-rich people out there with all the cool toys you'd love to own, is knowing that they don't actually use most of them.  Which is why it's semi-refreshing to read about James Glickenhaus, who commissioned a one-of-a-kind custom Ferrari called the P4/5; okay, so he's still indecently wealthy but at least he drives the car rather than leave it sat in an air-conditioned garage.

TabletKiosk’s storming slates caught on video

TabletKiosk's latest slates have already made me visibly moist, and GottaBeMobile's video review of the i440D has done nothing to dry me out.  The 25mm thick Tablet PC is quite the mobile powerhouse, with the sleek, no-nonsense chassis containing a 12.1-inch dual-mode active/passive digitiser, room for up to 3GB of RAM and a 160GB SATA hard-drive.

Tiny Space Cube PC takes up only 2 square inches

Heres another tiny Linux PC that has a little more to it than the USB key PC. It will take up around 2 square inches of space. Wherever will you find room for it?

Rock out polka style!

Are you a fan of polka music? Maybe you have longed to rock out with the great tunes from Weird Al. Unfortunately, it is getting harder and harder to find someone that will teach you the fine art of accordion. You don't really need to learn how to play an instrument, that's what video games are for.

Hangtimer – for those that like to catch big air

I won't lie to you, I can't snowboard, skateboard or attempt any fancy tricks on my bike. However, if I did such activities, I would probably strive to be the best, and therefor need a way to prove it.

ViewSonic shows off 3 new monitors

Today ViewSonic unveiled 3 new monitors in their VA Series. The monitors are being shown at the National Education Computing Conference this week in Atlanta Georgia.

Apple takes number 4 in laptop sales

People are always boasting about being number 1, but this month, Apple is excited to be number 4. Number 4 in what? In laptop sales of course.

Intel announces first Core 2 Duo chips with 1333MHz FSB

Intel just keeps pounding out the processors, their latest announcement will give the Core 2 Duo line its first chip with a 1333MHz FSB.

Calao announces Linux PC that’s the size of a USB key

The great thing about Linux is that it will run on just about any machine, no matter how small or underpowered it may be. A French company is working on a Linux PC that is so small that it fits on a USB key.

Add-on for Xbox 360 outsells standalone HD-DVD players

We haven't had any good news on the battle for the next great disk format in a while, so here's your fix. The HD-DVD drive for the Xbox 360 has sold more units than standalone players.

LG shows off massive 19-inch notebook

I've tested out 17-inch laptops before, and I'm not so sure that I'd want to carry anything that large around. But a 19-inch notebook is just crazy.

Rear-projection TV market gets boost from LED, laser backlighting

When it comes to a new TV, will thin be your thing or are you a colour connoisseur?  That's the question rear-projection set manufacturers are asking, and hoping that you'll entertain the idea of their new LED and laser sets for long enough to fall enough with the broad colour range and deep, luscious hues.