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T-Mobile launches HotSpot @Home service nationwide

Are you looking for a way to get rid of that pesky land-line phone? You might want to give thought to T-Mobile HotSpot @Home service.

The HotSpot @Home service is awesome because it allows you to use your T-Mobile phone anywhere there is a T-Mobile HotSpot without using up your wireless minutes. It seamlessly switches between the WiFi and GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks, so you never even know it happens. There are currently over 8,500 such HotSpots active in the US, so you're bound to run into one near you.

What’s the iPhone like? Just ask David Pogue

If you're looking for someone else's firsthand opinion of the iPhone, you might want to see what David Pogue has to say about it. Take the time to watch the video that's after the jump. It's good for more than a couple of laughs.

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Walt Mossberg’s iPhone Reviews with Video

Walt Mossberg’s iPhone Reviews with Video

The first iPhone review is finally out and it’s none other than Walt Mossberg who is one of the lucky guys that gets their hands on iPhone early.

Video after the jump.

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cineDISK NAS is fully-featured media player

This swollen little bugger has an excuse for being so chunky - not only is he packing a 3.5-inch SATA hard-drive but more connectivity than you could shake a drunken otter at.  Ethernet and USB 2.0 are the obvious place to start - meaning the SavitMicro cineDISK works as both a directly-connected and network-attached storage unit - but then there's DVI-I, DVI-D (with 1080p output), component (for 480p, 720p and 1080i), coaxial, stereo audio and an optical audio port, together with a USB host port for plugging in extra storage.


PUR magically adds flavour to your tap water

Ask any soda-obsessed kid what they'd like to have come out of the tap rather than boring old water and they'll probably say some sort of flavoured drink, but up until now you either had to buy expensive pre-flavoured bottled water or add some sort of cordial.  Well, no more: an unwieldy tap attachment from PUR adds either strawberry, peach or raspberry flavouring as easily as saying "I don't want no damn H2O".


Samsung’s Ultra-slim U600 slider reviewed

Aside from competition manufacturers, does anybody really care about who makes - or which model is - the thinnest cellphone?  Yes, a slender handset is usually better than a chunky brick, but with the speed of range turnover these days you'd have to pack an awful lot of preening into the few days that your new buy was the slimmest if that title is your primary reason for purchase.  So thin is good, but we want substance too, please; that's the question MobileBurn's Samuel Chan puts to Samsung's SGH-U600, current holder of the "World's thinnest slider" trophy.


Globe shuns fake snow for 160 characters

In my day job we've got one of those infernal text-messaging systems where people can send in their suggestions and queries for us to ponder over.  The average day sees a number of obscenities, sexual suggestions that would be illegal in a number of US states and the odd message so riddled with "txt spk" that I've had to plug a USB-13-year-old into the computer to decipher it.  Since I'm the one who usually ends up checking the mailbox, I'm indecently tempted by this 360-degree textable message globe so that everyone else in the office could share in the joy of being told "U blO goatz".


Mod brings the Zapper to the Wii

If you're dying for some Zapper action on your Wii, you might want to check out this latest creation from a guy named 'cyberpyrot.'

video after the jump

DIY digital clock kit prompts design competition

Clock kits are nothing new - in fact I remember producing a monstrosity of timekeeping while in high-school tech class, complete with "fashionable" bent plastic stand - but they tend to be analogue since it's a lot easier to pop a few hands on a sprocket and slap an AA battery in round the back.  Digital clocks are far rarer beasts, which is why it's so nice to see Furni's set and to hear that they're promoting some ingenious thinking thanks to a design competition.


Wisdom Audio pack a hifi geek in a box

You can spend all you like on a high-end home stereo system but, if you don't set it up and calibrate it properly, it'll sound like ass.  It's one of the reasons that some top range amplifiers, speakers and receivers have setup systems including microphones to map the room shape, test disks to run frequency balancing and equalisers galore to make sure your jazz doesn't end up coming out as punk-bhangra.  Now us mortals can afford to do the same (without needing to take the manual route and consult with scary, bearded specialists) with Wisdom's Digitally Controlled Analog Brain.


Fujitsu announces new Tablet PC with over 11 hours of battery life

Fujitsu announced today that they will be releasing a new 12.1-inch Santa Rosa Tablet PC later this year.

The Tablet PC will be powered by a 1.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo U7500, an Intel GMA X3100 GPU and feature 1GB of DDR2 memory. For storage it will have a standard 30GB HDD, with the option to upgrade to an 80GB HDD or have the choice between a 16GB or 32GB SSD.

XCM announces HDMI cable for old Xbox 360 systems

If you have a fancy HDTV and love your Xbox 360, there's a decent chance that you have either purchased, or at least thought about purchasing the Elite. If this next product works as it says, you won't need to upgrade for HDMI output. It won't turn your existing 360 black though.

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