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Mysterious 3G O2 Helen smartphone appears

In the manner of most new cellphones, photos of a new device have emerged on the forum; called the O2 Helen, it's apparently set to be the successor to the O2 Stealth.  Manufacturer as yet unknown, the device has support for GSM, GPRS, EDGE and UMTS (although no mention of HSDPA), runs the Windows Mobile 6 OS and is powered by a 520MHz Marvell PXA 270 CPU.  MicroSD cards augment the internal 64MB RAM and 256MB ROM.


No snooze button here: screeching rug demands you rise

My grandad was a bit of a maker in his day - knowing that the shipyard that he worked at would dock a halfday's wages should he be even half a minute late, he set up an elaborate alarm clock that would cause a whole shelf of cups, books and various other junk to drop on his head when it went off.  Unfortunately that also meant my grandmother was bombed each morning, but that's the sort of thing you put up with in the name of love.  Perhaps if he'd had this Carpet Alarm Clock things might've been different (i.e. less dizzy).


Preorders taken for Raon’s long-lasting Everun UMPC

As any mobile user knows the arch-enemy of productivity is battery life.  Either you use up the power in a flourish of full-steam-ahead efficiency, or you throttle everything back, eke out a few more minutes, and suffer the annoyance of waiting for a severely under-performing CPU to churn through its tasks.  That's why Raon's Everun UMPC was so keenly received; it promised an impressive seven hour battery life from the standard pack, or a massive twelve hours with the extended one.  Now it's gone up for preorder with mobile device specialists Dynamism.


Sony announces “Ultimate HD” workstation

Sony have announced their new “Ultimate HD” workstation. As you may have guessed, they are aiming this desktop at editing HD video; you can probably also guess that it doesn't come cheap.

iRiver teases us with new Life Unit page

iRiver has put up a teaser site for their upcoming Life Unit. I have to say that's a pretty bold name, cramming all of life into one unit.

Creative’s Stone DAP gets Plus upgrade

If I'm blunt, the Creative Stone struck me as being a bit "meh".  Apple has done the screenless PMP already, and was - in my opinion - shown up nicely as competitors lined up to undercut it in price while simultaneously adding features and a screen.  Perhaps Creative have read my mind, anyway, because they've now introduced the Stone Plus; a 2GB DAP with a simple OLED display.


YOTO PMP has distinct style and low price

Unlike the Microsoft definition of MVP, this YOTO PMP - the MVP-800 - could easily stand for "Muchos Value Player".  Well, it could if it wasn't Chinese, as I don't think they used "muchos" in the Far East.  Anyway, the equivalent of $52 gets you a slickly designed 2GB PMP with a luxurious 2.8-inch QVGA screen and TransFlash memory expansion slot.


Battery-powered, wire-free Bluetooth speakers are a worlds-first

The many interpretations of 'wireless' could easily give you a headache, but here's something that seems to satisfy even the most stringent of definitions: Samsin's SBS-6600 Bluetooth Speakers.  A pair of rounded, vaguely-triangular blobs, they not only have rechargeable batteries so that there's no PSU required, but there's also no cable connecting the two.  Apparently that's enough to let Samsin call them a "world's first".


Volvo security fob uses car’s built-in stethoscope

As car security technology increases, cunning thieves are turning to more and more imaginative ways to steal them.  Personally I wasn't aware that they were creeping into unlocked cars at petrol stations and momentarily left outside shops, then leaping up as you drive off and threatening the keys from you, but it's obviously a scenario Volvo were concerned enough about to build and unauthorised-presence detector into their S80 executive flagship.


Flybook V5i ultraportable Tablet PC video review

In case you're confused, the guy in this photo seemingly about to embrace a Flybook V5i Tablet PC is Rob Bushway, and rather than kiss it he's actually video reviewing it.  Though from the sound of it, he can't quite decide whether the V5i deserves a damn good tonguing or a bit of a cuff round the ear.


NTT encourage you to reach out and feel your computer

Have you ever wanted to reach into your computer screen, grab that annoying little Clippy paperclip and scrunch him all out of shape?  Well, Japanese company NTT might be on their way to realising that dream for you, although perhaps you should calm down a bit; he's only there to help, you know.  They're developing a tangible-3D virtual reality system where users can physically feel three-dimensional video thanks to an actuator glove.

How tough is the iPhone?

If ever there seemed a good reason for entering MYiTablet's iPhone giveaway and maybe winning a Starter Pack complete with case, this might be it.  David Ciccone [Mobility Today] has been pestering poor AT&T employees who have been "fully briefed" on the Apple cellphone, and all twelve told him that the iPhone was "extremely fragile" and that they've been told to heavily push the warranty package since the handset can break by from a 3ft drop.