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2G iPod Shuffle Knockoff in black

2G iPod Shuffle Knockoff in black

We all know Chinese factories are very capable of producing knockoff products, but never I seen one that resemble the original all the way to the packaging details. You can actually find an iPod shuffle 2nd generation in black for only $14 in China; of course it’s the knockoff version. Aside from some misspelled word (assombled) and pricing, it’s quite hard to tell them apart between the original and knockoff.

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Solar paint might revolutionalise personal energy needs

We might need to wait a while for this one to hit the shelves of our local DIY stores, but when it does it might just change the way we power our gadgets forever.  Researchers have stumbled on a type of photovoltaic sensor that converts infrared rather than visible light to electricity, and they're now working on shrinking those down into "quantum dots" small enough to be suspended in a solvent like paint.  That would mean that you could simple apply a coat or two to your roof and use that to power your plasma TV.


Turn your MacBook into a stylish tote

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most charming, as is the case with this MacBook handle which simply screws into the base of your MacBook or MacBook Pro and means it's easily carried from meeting to meeting.  Of course, sometimes the simplest ideas are also the most dangerous, and carrying an expensive Apple laptop around on full show, subject to the greedy gaze of muggers and the spiteful ways of impromptu rain, doesn't seem all that sensible.


Gorgeous wooden marble-adding machine

I love computers but I think my slightly addled brain is just too stupid to quite understand how they work.  Thankfully people like Matthias Wandel are looking out for me (although they probably don't realise it at the time), making readily-followed examples of such things as binary marble counters out of wood.


Classic Holden gives ‘custom grill’ a new meaning

No, this isn't someone's idea of bloody awful parking, it's actually the front section of a classic Holden Monaro GTS retasked with the job of grilling burgers and steaks to perfection (and chicken thighs until they're pink and deadly inside, as is traditional with barbecues). 

Samsung model risks tornado to show new YEPP DAP

Oh for the love of Mossberg, turn around lovely Samsung lady!  Distracted you might be by the latest addition to the company's YEPP range, but there's an evil-looking television-twister roaring up behind you!  If only she didn't have the headphones of her YP-U3 DAP rammed so firmly in her ears, she'd know that the entire display of 1, 2 and 4GB mp3 players were about to be destroyed.


Native 1080p DLP projector ideal for home-installation

If you're serious about home entertainment and you've got a spare $7,999 burning a hole in your pocket, you could do a lot worse than take a look at Optoma USA's new DLP projector, the HD81-LV.  Split into two parts, the 2,500 lumen projector itself with a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, and the box of connections and general video trickery, replete with "studio grade" processing courtesy of Texas Instruments' DarkChip3 DLP chipset.


Vibrating headphones unlikely to shake up PMP market

Forgive my naivety, but do you really want your ears to vibrate?  Korean earphone manufacturer En-Tech obviously think you do, hence these ugly-looking clip-on VIBE 'phones that remind me of something you might wear in a swimming pool.  The idea is that you boost your experience of the music by firing vibrations through your head in time with it, a sensation that previously would have required turning the volume up so loud that your ear-drums burst.


Six new GPS HTC smartphones coming

If you thought the HTC Touch had taken up all of the company's attentions, think again.  As reported earlier it looks like we've another six handsets on the way, including the CDMA version of the Touch and the slide-flip full QWERTY blessed Shangri-La (X9500).  Each comes with GPS, signalling the technology's further progression into the cellphone market, and all run Windows Mobile 6 (with the exception of the Shangri-La which dual-boots with Microsoft Vista).  Check out full specs after the cut.


Manhunt 2 delayed – thanks alot guys

Remember yesterday that I told you about Manhunt 2 receiving an 'AO' rating, thereby jeopardizing its release on both Wii and PS3 consoles? It has officially been delayed.

Frankly, I'm disappointed in the gaming industry, as it likely had a large impact on this decision. I'm most upset with Nintendo and Sony at their refusal to allow games marked as 'AO' on their systems. Some video games are violent, others are extremely violent. But can a game truly be so violent that you refuse to let your customers play it?

Gadget Shoulder Holster is dead sexy

Do you feel the need to feel tough and manly by having one of those shoulder holsters, but you don’t actually carry a gun? Well now you can have an excuse to wear one, with this gadget holster.

The Electric Fly Catcher – insert maniacal laughter here

An Electric Fly Trap, to deviously kill flies with. Why actually squash bugs with those archaic fly swatters? Do it with a little class and bring extermination to the 21st century.