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Fujitsu updates super-compact Lifebook range with P8240 Tablet PC

If you read our review of Fujitsu's P1610 convertible tablet PCand decided you simply had to have one, think about possibly holding that credit card in check for a little while.  Fujitsu have just announced the Lifebook P8240, sharing the same design as the P1610 but with such updated goodies as Vista Business, a choice of 1.2GHz Intel Core Solo U1400 or Celeron M 443 processors and even higher battery life (up to 9.1hrs).


HTC’s latest Bluetooth headset shows up at FCC

Lets you think HTC are single-mindedly pursuing the Windows Mobile smartphone market, prepare to be amazed at their latest diversion... a Bluetooth headset! Okay, so it's tricky to get too excited about a hands-free earpiece, but at least the BH M200 is vaguely attractive in a slippery, shiny way.

Vincent shows off his iPhone

What a day! It's definitely been one of the craziest days I've ever seen, and I was just at the office. I can't even begin to imagine how crazy it was for Vincent who was in the thick of things at the 5th Avenue Apple store. Anyway, he's managed to find time to shoot a short video showing off the iPhone. Nothing too flashy, just the basics.


This iPhone is hot! Seriously, it’s too hot to touch!

Ewdi has only just gotten his iPhone and he has already found a major flaw. Not the kind of flaws that you've probably seen on the Onion, but a real flaw that could cause some real problems.

Apple’s online store is back open, get an iPhone while you can!

If you've been sitting at home waiting for the Apple online store to come back up so you can buy an iPhone from home, you'd better go now. The store is open for business.

Ewdi unboxes his new Apple iPhone!

Ewdi has gotten his hands on an iPhone. He got it about an hour behind the people on the West Coast, since in Texas they are an hour behind. He actually managed to resist tearing open the box until he could get back and do a proper unboxing. We're all glad that he did. Take a look.


iPhones are fetching over $1,000 on eBay

It's official, the first actual iPhones have hit eBay. These are from people that actually have pictures of the iPhone boxes, so we can assume that they are most likely real

Apple’s online store is closed for business

It may be 6PM over on the East coast, but Apple's online store is closed, and will remain that way until it turns 6PM on the West coast. At that time you will be able to place your order for an iPhone. I wonder, will Apple's website be able to handle the traffic?

Sneak peek at the Apple Store on 5th Avenue

As these last few minutes trickle by, here are a few of sneak peek pictures of the interior of the Apple Store. You can see that they've cleared out just about everything that isn't iPhone-related. I'm sure that Vincent will snag some more pics once he gets inside. Until then, enjoy these!

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HSDPA-equiped Raon EVERUN UMPC in the wild

It might look like UMPC-addict Hugo Ortega is using a vintage brick cellphone, but in fact he's flaunting his latest toy: Raon Digital's EVERUN UMPC.  Steve Paine showed us his on Wednesday, but the key difference here (and the reason Hugo has the EVERUN clamped to his ear) is that Steve's didn't have the HSDPA modem. 

R2-D2 DVD projector will be available in limited supply this fall

If you've always wanted your own R2-D2 complete with with the ability to project holographic images, this is the closest that you're going to get.  It is a half-scale R2-D2 that will project a DVD movie onto a screen for you.

Hands-on with Palm’s Foleo reinforces niche nature

If Palm were hoping for a rapturous welcome for their Foleo smartphone-companionthen they were probably sorely disappointed.  Opinions on the compact emailing/surfing device have ranged from "nice, but is there a market?" to "they've seriously lost their way and are no longer contenders".  Here at SlashGear we don't quite feel as strongly as that, but all the same it's good to hear some hands-on feedback from your friend and mine, Kevin C. Tofel, after he played with the Foleo at the Digital Experience show.


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