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$25k diamond mouse manages to look cheap

Personally I think this mouse looks a bit rubbish, but if you're the sort of person who squeals over white gold encrusted with diamonds then perhaps you'll think the inevitable sky-high price tag worth it.


e-paper brightens up to save power

One of the common arguments against e-books is that however low-tech it might be, traditional printed paper never runs out of power.  While you could mention all the other things possible with the electronic version - annotation, bookmarks, carrying hundreds of books in the space of just one - it's a far criticism to say that battery life is a key element in the lack of take-up.  Although advances in e-paper have increased resolution and readability, the need for strong backlighting often proves a key power drain; Bridgestone, however, claim to have gone some way to curing that.


Joey Roth’s striking computer concepts

Joey Roth isn't a designer I've heard of, but anyone who can turn passive heat pipes and aluminium fins into something that looks like a Frank Lloyd Wright toaster isn't half bad in my opinion.  His use of natural materials, such as the simple wooden base, and lack of unnecessary decoration add up to a striking PC you'd be a fool to hide under your desk.


Intel wows with ultra-thin notebook

It's taken me a while to write this, as I've had to change my pants a few times through spontaneous bladder release over the sheer deliciousness of Intel's Mobile Metro Notebook concept.  Just 0.7 of an inch thick and a respectable 2.25 pounds in weight, it's likely to feature the Penryn super-efficient processors the silicon company also announced today.


New Penryn silicon from Intel promises incredible performance upgrade for PCs and Macs

From the passing of one Mac to the promise of far, far faster machines running Intel's new Penryn chips at the end of this year.  Today the silicon specialists announced the upgrade of their manufacturing plants from 65-nanometer to 45-nanometer, with "high-k, metal gate" technology that has been called "the most important microprocessor developments in 40 years" by Gordon Moore (he of the law).


Time called on Mac mini?

All good - and not so good - things must come to an end, and if AppleInsider's sources (apparently held in the "utmost respect") are to be believed the curtain call may soon be heard for Apple's headless wonder, the Mac mini.


Nissan SUV gets robot treatment

Bloody great big robots seem to go hand in hand with car commercials; of course there was the dancing, ice-skating Citroen C4 ads, and now Nissan in Japan are getting in on the action with their "Powered Suit" concept, a campaign to push the otherwise bland DUALIS SUV.


Book-sized PC is expensive way into micro-computing

My first thought on seeing Stealth Computer's tiny little LPC-450 was that it was a competitor to the Zonbu; after picking myself up of the floor on seeing the price, however, I realised that this book-sized chunk of processing power is aimed at an entirely different market.


Piano makers set their sights on high-end speaker sales

If you were a little too late to get hold of a set of KEF's $130k MUON speakers, then perhaps the Model D system by Steinway Lyngdorf will cheer you up.  A collaborative project by piano maestros Steinway & Sons and Peter Lyngdorf (of the eponymous audio manufacturer), they're several imposing feet of high-quality speaker coupled with an equally special receiver.


Hands-on with the HP TouchSmart

By far, the coolest product that I got to play with at the AMD/Microsoft show was the HP TouchSmart PC. The 19-inch screen is simply beautiful. Everyone that walked near it had to stop and see what was so special about this machine.

Will the 80GB PS3 come to the US?

So we know that Sony will be releasing their 80GB PS3 in Korea starting in June, but the big question is whether or not they will release the larger version here in the US, or in other locations for that matter. Yesterday a Sony official spoke on that subject.

First Guitar Hero III tracks revealed

It's time to dust off those guitar controllers and get the band back together because Activision has just announced the first round of tracks for the upcoming Guitar Hero III. Don't worry, it will work on all three next-gen consoles and the PS2. This isn't just the same old game with new tracks and a few new places to play, they've added some really cool features.