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Star Wars Celebration IV – The Vader Project

For those of you unaware, the Star Wars Celebration IV is in full swing in Los Angeles this week. One of the most noted exhibits is the Vader Project.

The Tarati – What have they been smoking?

It must be great to be one of those people that designs products that are never meant to be created. You just think of the craziest stuff, then make 3D rendering of what it might look like and then tell everyone what it should do, if it were real.

Nokia designs phone that detects lightning

Nokia must have a huge R&D department, first they come up with a phone that tells you when it's done charging, now they have a phone that can track lightning.

The phone can supposedly track nearby lightning strikes and warn you of their danger. Now I have no doubt that this phone can do just that, I'm more concerned about why they would bother including something like this. Lets look at some of the flaws in logic here. First, when I'm outside, I already have a few things that inform me of nearby lightning strikes: my eyes and ears. Unless you are both blind and deaf, you're going to know that lightning has struck. If you're indoors and can't see or hear these warning signs, you probably don't care anyway.

A Zune for your car?

It's no secret that the Zune isn't selling well, but Microsoft has just been awarded a patent that may put a future version of the music player in your car.

Sapphire introduces the silent HD 2600 XT Ultimate Edition

Sapphire Technology has recently announced that they will be releasing a passively cooled ATI HD 2600 XT Ultimate Edition graphics card along with other HD 2600 and HD 2400 cards in July.

Breakfix – What’s in a name?

I'm the kind of guy that can eat breakfast any time of the day. That may have something to do with not waking up before the crack of noon, but then again I've always enjoyed pancakes for dinner. One particular food that I can eat any time is cereal. It's usually more of a snack than a meal, but it really depends on my mood.

For those of you that eat cereal as frequently as I, you have likely noticed just how difficult it is to pour the precise amount of cereal to make a full bowl. Too much and it overflows when you pour in the milk, too little and your marshmallows are just floating around. That's why the good people at Skymall are offering the Breakfix (seriously, who's going to buy something named break fix?). With just the press of a button, you'll get the perfect amount of cereal in your bowl every time. Wait, what size bowl? I have about 5 different sizes of bowls in my house, not including the other random containers I use when I haven't done the dishes in a while. Maybe it's so technilogically advanced that it knows what size bowl you put under it. No, probably not.

Portable Ice Maker – Great for outdoor parties

Summertime is always a great time for cookouts and barbecues, which always seem to be planned on the hottest day of the year. Usually the easiest way to cool down is with something cold to drink. Unfortunately, you need to have a lot of ice to keep all of the drinks cold.

Swag! Giveaway on SlashGear

I recently attended the AMD Microsoft Tech Tour 2007 which was a blast. It was a small show, as they travel to various cities in the US, it is only attended by small groups in the region. There were about a dozen vendors showing off their goodies and of course, giving out swag.

Rumor – Partial nudity delays Halo 2 for Vista

I've not really a huge Halo fan. I'm sure that statement will get me an inbox full of hate mail, but it's true. I won't deny that it's a great series. I used to play the original back in the day with my friends, and it was fun for a while but I've moved on. Perhaps Halo 3 will hook me again. But the big story today is Halo 2 for Vista. It's been delayed, and the rumor is that the delay was caused by “partial nudity.”

The Solar Mosquito Guard

Even summer has its down sides, shocking, but true. One of them is you always have to wear that nasty bug repellent if you are going into the great outdoors. Well this solar anti-mosquito guard might be just the alternative to keep you from smelling like repellent all the time.

The Malignant Mole Bikini

Anymore you can’t even mention tanning without someone jumping down your throat and preaching about all the hazards of the sun. I think secretly the whole thing was cooked up by geeks who hate to go outside (it’s a conspiracy). Well this Malignant Mole Bikini is just another way to take a stand about the issue.

The V8 WK001 keeps your fingers nice and toasty

In cool offices typing on your keyboard can leave your hands cold and somewhat clammy. Instead of wearing the USB heated gloves, this heated keyboard might be a more logical approach.