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Guitar Hero Encore: The 80’s site goes live

If you haven't seen it already, you might want to check out the new Guitar Hero Encore Rocks the 80's website. It just went live recently and offers a link to pre-order the game.

There isn't much to the site other than a splash page at the moment. The good news is that you can get a preview of the tracks that you'll be playing in the upcoming game. I'm still a little disappointed by the track list, but I'm hoping that they're saving the best ones for last.

Sony faces lawsuit over Blu-ray disks

Sony may have hit a snag with their Blu-ray technology. A lawsuit has been filed by Target Technologies regarding the use of a silver-based alloy layer on Blu-ray disks.

Intel’s ultra-thin Metro notebook concept caught on video

My gentleman's parts are still a-quiver at the thought of Intel's stonking Metro notebook, and I'd give a right leg or two to swap places with AeroXperience and score some hands-on time with the 0.7-inch sliver of gorgeousness.  They've posted a few photos (at somewhat MySpace angles, it has to be said) but the good stuff is in their video footage.


Triagonale multi-input hearing aid concept hooks up cellphones, PMPs, but is it anything new?

Fresh from the "why the hell didn't I think of that?" files comes a gadget that might do for hearing aids what Sean Connery did for toupees.  Intended to streamline the path between audio augmentation and today's technology such as mobile phones and PMPs, the concept from Triagonale not only amplifies speech and ambient sound but offers an interface to music, cellphones and other sound sources.


ModBook delayed but gets more powerful innards

If you'd been wondering what had happened to the ModBook tablet - a butchered MacBook turned into a highly-covetable pen-controlled device - then you'll be pleased to hear that, while OWC/Axiotron have missed their initial delivery estimates, they're planning to ship completed units (with upgraded innards at no extra cost, in fact) by the end of June.


T-Mobile to get WiFi-enabled BlackBerry Curve?

Rumour abounds that T-Mobile US will be launching their own version of BlackBerry's Curve smartphone, the 8320, identical to the 8300 that AT&T will be carrying except for the pleasant addition of WiFi.  It's a reasonable prediction, given T-Mobile's numerous WiFi hotspots.

Curse of the iPhone copycat: Ainol’s gaming, entertaining V2000

With the iPhone knock-off merchants have been given a whole new design language to copy for their no-brand phones, media players and tawdry games consoles, and latest to bruise our eyes is Ainol's V2000, a PMP-cum-retro-gaming-handheld.


Neuros OSD unboxing – Judie gets a taste for the camera

Holy crap we've created a monster!  Well, not quite, but your darling and mine, Gear Diary's Judie, has thrust herself in front of the camera and done another unboxing video.  This time the electronic subject is Neuros' OSD, an open-source media recorder/player/streamer.

Control anything you touch

Since I'm still obsessively stroking the Prada's screen, I'm all about the capacitive touch panels lately.  Zero-pressure touch sensitivity is so blissfully Star Trek that I'd like to see it all over the place, but up until now the limiting factor has been the sort of materials sensors can detect through.  Now, however, QSI Corp have developed a system which should see capacitive touch make a much greater impact all over.


Sony think small with ultra-compact home cinema system

If you live in a tiny hutch of a house and like home cinema, you might be wondering how you can fit reasonable speakers in without firstly taking up all available room and secondly causing bleeding of the ears from having to sit pressed up against a tweeter.  Sony come to your rescue, the kind devils, with their DAV-IS10 micro home theatre system.

Sony Ericsson W999i confirmed

Like video of people accidentally falling out of their clothes (I'm looking at you, Janet) there's nothing so lovely as accidental revelations.  Someone over at Sony Ericsson might be kicking themselves with a cellular boot right now, as their rumoured W999i sliding smartphone has been posted on the GSM association's site.


Personal Helicopter puts you in the test seat

I've been seeing so-called personal helicopters advertised at sky-high (ha, did you catch my pun?) prices in gadget catalogues for years now, but generally when you try to order them you're told that you're actually signing up for a waiting list as the device goes through all the necessary ratification.  Over in Japan, however, they've decided to leave all that up to the buyer, as the GEN Corporation is selling what amounts to a helicopter rotor on a stick, the GEN H-4.


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