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Yet another distraction behind the wheel: AVIS launch in-car internet

Looks like you may have another option when you next turn up at the hire-car counter; AVIS have rolled out their promised Autonet mobile internet service, so aside from weighing up the pros and cons of aircon, accidental damage protection and that ever-so-tempting convertible option, you can choose whether to shell out $10.95 a day for WiFi web access.


It’s like a tin-foil hat in your pants

Worried about cell phone radiation frying your favorite body parts? Fear not, Isa Body Wear has the perfect solution to keep you protected.

Car adapter – don’t look for it here

One of these days I'm going to make friends with someone that lives over in Korea. It seems like every day I find some new gadget that I absolutely cannot live without, only to find out that it's only available in Korea. I bet you can't guess where you can find this next product.

Alcatel make fashion cellphone faux-pas

I'd love to be able to dismiss Alcatel's fashion-phone fumble with ELLE magazine, the No.3 GlamPhone, as a dismal failure in waiting, but I've a horrible feeling that the same people who think a V3i is a suitable gift for your mother simply because it's purple will be drawn to the sub-spec'd lump of crud mistakenly thinking it's "cool".


Surface-saving built in coffee machine for tiny kitchens

Built-in coffee machines for luxury kitchens are nothing new, but this is the first time I've seen a drip-percolator used rather than the typical bean-to-cup espresso machine.  Made by Lance Larkin, it's not just inset into the tiling but hooks up to your cold water supply, so the only thing you have to add is ground coffee.


Gateway’s dual-mode Tablet convertible reviewed

Despite the fact that we in the UK won't be seeing it until at least the Summer, I'm still gobbling up information on Gateway's entry-level C-120X Tablet PC.  With the news that Dell has finally announcedits move into the pen-computing market, it's undoubtedly models like these that will capture the bulk of mainstream sales, with higher-priced and occasionally niche alternatives from Lenovo and Motion (amongst others) remaining too expensive for the casual user interested in Ink.

Sony’s mainstream laptop range cranks up the power

Superlight ultraportables are all very lovely to coo at in stores, but when it comes down to making a purchase most people go with something slightly more finger-friendly (not to mention wallet-friendly).  Normal-sized notebooks continue to outsell desktop PCs, making the entry/business level market a hotly contested one.  Sony are obviously hoping to bring a little of their top-end halo effect down to Earth, refreshing their professional range with the BX-40 series.


SlashGear takes you to T-Mobile’s Wing launch

When he's not sneering at crap gadgets, our man Vincent Nguyen is flitting between launches and trade shows picking out the best in the worlds of cellular loveliness and electronic pleasantry. Today he's attending the glittering launch of T-Mobile's oft-rumoured Wing; not, as you might presume, a singular version of the wretched Paul McCartney soft-rock group, but a replacement to the popular but ageing MDA.

Say goodbye to the 17-inch iMac

If you're looking for an inexpensive Mac desktop, you're going to have one less choice in the near future. Apple might be dropping the 17-inch iMac from their lineup when they refresh their iMac lineup in June.

Dell shows off new Display Port monitor

Dell is showing their strong support for the new Display Port standard by unveiling a new high-resolution monitor using the new connection.

An LED coffee table you can actually buy

What is it about mixing LEDs and tables that people can't get enough of?  Hardly a month goes by without some spangly surface; we should be bored, but just like my addiction to lolcats I keep coming back for more.  Latest to tease my lust-pelvis is Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories' Interactive LED Coffee Table, which not only has the multiple pin-points of light that I so enjoy but makes them flock around your fingers as you wipe up spilt drinks.


USB mini fridge – is it really worth it?

I tend to get in a rush when I get home from stocking up on food for the week, so I tend to forget to toss my Mountain Dew in the fridge. So then when I get thirsty I get to play the freezer game where I put it in and try to remember to take it out before it becomes a big chunk of ice.