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New video clip of the HTC shift

With all of the great products at CTIA this year, it seems like we just keep going back to the HTC Shift. We can't help it, it's just awesome. Vincent knows how much we loved his pictures that he went back for a short video clip.

Unfortunately for Vincent, the Shift was kept behind glass, so he didn't get to play with it while he was there. He did get to take some nice pictures and capture this short clip for us.

The Shift is HTC's first UMPC, and so far, it looks great. It has a 7-inch display that looks absolutely stunning, a 30GB hard drive, and a 1.2 Ghz VIA CPU. Expect to get your own hands-on review when these come out in Q3 this year.

New leaked pictures of black Xbox 360

By now you've surely heard all of the rumors surrounding the Black Xbox 360. You might have even seen a few questionable pictures of the supposedly updated console. We've got a nice picture that shows several of these machines at the end of a production line.

Build your own MP3 player in just a few simple steps

If you're one that enjoys modding strange objects into even stranger gadgets, then you'll love the new MOTZ DIY Music Box.

The little MP3 player consists of only the absolute basics needed. All you have to do is find something cool to put it in. You'll get a USB 2.0 connector, and 256MB of storage, which isn't much but it's still a cool idea.

One of these will set you back about $40, that is if you can get one shipped from Korea.

MOTZ DIY Music Box Turns That Blow-Up Doll Into An MP3 Player [via crunchgear]

Get your friends with the GotchaBox

Get your friends with the GotchaBox

Do you enjoy the shock factor that comes with gifts? I generally like spending way more money than I have on people, just because they look so cute when they get excited. Every so often I throw in a prank gift just to spice things up too. Now there is the GotchaBox, so you can buy them that meaningful gift, but still have a little fun along the way.

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The Luxury Pod, no it’s not an iPod accessory

The Luxury Pod, no it’s not an iPod accessory

I can’t decide if the Sleeping Pod reminds me more of the Jetsons or an over the top bachelor pad. Either way the thing looks super comfortable, then again that could be due to my lack of sleep lately. The Transport by Alberto Frias is designed with the idea of the human eye in mind. I’m not sure why he felt the need to create a bed inspired by your eyeball, but either way the product turned out great.

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The Brief Safe comes equipped with skid marks

The Brief Safe comes equipped with skid marks

I am one of those people that appreciates a simple design for complex issues. The kind of thing that is so simple you could have thought of it yourself. People have created all kinds of crazy safes, from ones that are indestructible to ones made from food products. Why not make one out of something so repulsive you wouldn’t want to take the dough hidden inside anyway? That is where the Brief Safe comes in handy.

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Samsung Upstage hands on and unboxing video

I was very impressed with the Sprint Upstage, also known as Samsung M620 or F300 when I first saw it at CeBIT. I managed to score a unit of my own to play, and so far it’s been a pleasant experience.

Samsung and Sprint have done a great job keeping the Upstage in the price range of $150, considering how featured packed it is. First of all, it’s the first of its kind, a doctor Jekyll and Hyde kinda phone – if you will. On one side is a large screen for watching TV or videos. There a pseudo scroll wheel that doesn’t scroll in the traditional sense. It lacks any tactile feedback and does not rotate, and it’s sensitive to the touch of your finger when you slide your thumb up and down or side ways. So out of the box, don’t expect the Upstage to act and feel like your iPod.

Beautiful DIY wireless router makes traffic obvious

Oh goodness this is lovely!  Take one wireless router (never the most attractive of things), rehouse it in a hand-made wooden casing that's reminiscent of the sort of carriage clock you might be given on retirement, and finally add a gorgeous analogue gauge cleverly rigged up to indicate network utilisation.  It's the handiwork of a talented bugger called radiorental, and he's been good enough to document the process over at Instructables.

SlashGear Review: Sprint’s new rugged Vision SCP-7050

Phones have, over the past ten years, been getting more and more attractive. Unfortunately, the leaps and bounds in product design generally haven't been matched in physical toughness; you either treat your handset with pretty much kid-gloves, or take out expensive phone insurance that covers you in case you sit on/drive over/feed to a dog your precious mobile.

There have been a few rugged phones before, and many more pseudo-rugged who used lashings of rubber and "extreme" case stylings to give an impression of hardiness, but they've often been under-spec'd and just plain ugly. Sprint have obviously heard the plaintive cries of the clumsy and the dangerous, and so today they're launching the Vision Phone SCP-7050; not only is it built to military specification 810F (which means it can withstand shock, vibration and dust) but it has onboard GPS and access to the Sprint Vision service of, amongst other things, internet access and email.

Two new phones debut from LG

LG is showing off a couple of new phones at the CTIA Wireless show; the powerful LG VX9400 and the thin and stylish LG570. Vincent was lucky enough to get his hands on them for a little while today.

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More HTC Pictures: HTC Advantage

We were fortunate to see one of the new HTC products that we've heard so much about at the CTIA Wireless show in Orlando, and we've got some great pictures for you.

Close-up shots of the new HTC Shift

If you liked the new Advantage from HTC, you're going to love their new Shift. It's like having an Advantage that is faster and runs Windows Vista. Our own Vincent was able to snag a few shots of the new Shift.

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