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Pictures of Pantech’s new US phones

We announced earlier this week that Pantech has several new phones for the US market. While Vincent was hanging out with the folks over at Pantech, he managed to get his hands on some, and snap a few shots.

Video walkthrough of the Sony Ericsson w580

While Vincent was cruising through the Sony Ericsson booth he stopped to check out the new w580. As you saw in my earlier post he loved it. He managed to take a quick video that walks you through some of the things you'll be able to do with the phone.

The addition of a pedometer doesn't really seem like a big deal at first. But then if you think about it, pedometers are pretty ugly. No one wants to wear one of those on their hip. Now you get it on your phone, that is also your MP3 player. Nice!

The video really gives you an idea of just how much the buttons glow. Maybe the phone is supposed to double as a flashlight as well? I suppose it could get old to look at after a while, but I still think it looks awesome.

Lighted Compact for those quick touch-ups

Lighted Compact for those quick touch-ups

It would seem most girls I know that have that girly streak have some kind of mirror with them. It’s usually some kind of compact that makes you look deformed because it has so much gunk on it. I personally don’t have one in my purse but I have considered it, and this product might make me think even harder about it. This compact has LED lights so you can touchup even in the strangest of situations.

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The Celebrity Scale-which celebrity do you weigh the same as?

The Celebrity Scale-which celebrity do you weigh the same as?

It would seem these days America is having issues with finding that happy-medium with their weight. They are either so obsessed that they become creepy little twigs or don’t care at all, and well, we all know what happens then. Why not add a little humor to the issue; do we have to be serious about it all the time? Check out the Celebrity Scale.

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Recycling, geek style

Recycling, geek style

In today’s world with smog and the ever growing population we are becoming a little more conscious about the amount of waste we put into the world. We don’t always do something about it, but we at least know it’s a good idea to recycle. Why not recycle your old geeky gadgets, for example, your circuit board?

The Circuit Breaker Circuit Board Floor Lamp offers exactly that, a lamp with old recycled circuit boards. Hey, why not be a little geeky about your recycling methods? However, there is a catch, as with all good things it comes at a price, $900 to be exact. Yes, you did read correctly; a lamp made of recycled goods is priced at $900.

This is yet another one of those items that was a good idea but they took it a bit too far (about $800 too far). Luckily it’s a fairly basic design and if you have the right friends it would be really simple to make for less than half the price.

Light up those circuit boards
[via popgadget]

World’s fastest data transfer – 25.6TB per second

Just how much data can you possibly transmit in a single second? Well if you're Alcatel/Lucent you can squeeze 25.6TB over a strand of fiber strand in just one second.

This now makes them king of speed. The previous record was a mere 14TB/s. I bet compared to the new speed, transferring data at 14TB/s must feel like dial-up internet.

Dude! you’re running Linux

Could it be that Dell is actually listening to customers these days? First they start giving refunds to people that don't want Windows installed on their machines, now they're going to offer Linux preinstalled on their desktop and notebooks. It's madness I tell you!

Well, the good kind of madness, not the serial killer kind. We don't have any further information such as what distro they will be using or even when they will begin offering it.

George Lucas goes postal

Someone at the USPS must fancy the Star Wars movies as much as I do. First the R2-D2 mailboxes, now special edition Star Wars stamps. What next, the mailman dressing up as Obi-Wan Kenobi? Probably not.

Samsung unveils 64GB SSD drive

We've been seeing solid-state disk drives for a little while now. To date the highest capacity has been 32GB which isn't too bad for a primary drive, but it still lacks the storage space for practical uses. Samsung has raised the bar with their new 64GB SSD drive.

Make use of that hole in your desk

Every now and then you come across something so obvious that you know you should have thought of it first. That's the way I felt when I first saw the new desk grommets that are being made by Belkin.

BlueAnt delivers a great handsfree speakerphone for you car

Cell phones aren't the only things that Vincent has been playing with over at CTIA this week. He's also gotten his hands on a pretty cool new product forom BlueAnt called the Supertooth Light.

No fair! Vincent gets some time with the HTC Shift

Are you tired of hearing about the HTC Shift yet? I hope not, because I haven't gotten tired of writing about it. Vincent was lucky enough to attend a hands-on demonstration with it during is time at CTIA. Jason Chen from Gizmodo was there as well. Who do you think was more fired up about it? Wake up Vincent, The show's not over yet!

Seriously though, he's been running around all week trying to get his hands on all the latest products for you guys to see. It's understandable that he might look a little out of it sometimes. I just couldn't resist putting this picture up. That's what happens when you have someone else go through and clean up all of your pictures. Anywho, on to the good stuff!

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