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HyperDrive4 – No, it won’t get to to Alderaan, but it is fast

Another manufacturer has tossed their hat into the solid-state disk ring. Attorn BV has recently announced their upcoming SSD drive dubbed the HyperDrive4.

The performance of this new drive is just incredible. It touts a hefty 126MBs/s with a single drive. Bump it up to 4 in a RAID 0, and you'll be able to see speeds up to 400MBs/s.

Handy PDF shows advantages of WM6

Excited about Windows Mobile 6? Or maybe you don't know the features to get excited about. Now this handy PDF created by Jason Langridge will show you exactly what you'll be getting out of WM6.

The PDF is basically a simple comparison chart. Nothing too exciting there, but it gets the job done. It lists all of the main features that you're going to get with WM6, and lets you know which ones are already in WM5.

Fujitsu adds SSD drives to their notebook lineup

With the growing number of solid-state drives being introduced, it's only natural to start seeing them show up in laptops. Fujitsu is jumping on the SSD bandwagon.

Expect to see 16GB and 32GB drives in the LifeBook P1610 and B6210. Granted, they are small in capacity, but they are currently targeting industrial users, which will no doubt take advantage of the increased durability of the flash-based drives.

Dance Dance Revolution – finger edition

I never really understood the Dance Dance Revolution craze. That probably has something to do with the fact that I look like a drunken idiot if I even attempt to dance. That, or I'm a natural-born Guitar Hero, and you don't really dance when you're rocking out. For those of you that still can't get enough of DDR, here's a little something for you.

Everyone has that little bit of downtime at work (though we'll never admit that to our bosses). If you're just itching for something to do, and you need your DDR fix, just plug in the USB Finger Dance Mat and you're good to go.

Shocking new alarm clock

There are some people out there that just can't seem to get out of bed in the morning. Even though I'm not a morning person, I'm usually staring at the alarm clock about 5 minutes before it goes off. For those of you that have trouble getting up there are plenty of annoying alarm clocks out there to wake you up. However, if you don't like putting together puzzles or chasing down your clock and just want something that really wakes you up, this next alarm clock just might shock you.

Possible HDD accessory for your Wii

With so many classic games available for download to your Wii, one might start to worry about the limited space available to store them. According to the Japanese fanzine GameLabo, there may be a hard-drive accessory for the Wii coming soon.

The Izumi INC-7000, to make picking your nose a little more high tech

The Izumi INC-7000, to make picking your nose a little more high tech

Can’t quite pick your nose as well as you’d like? Now there is the Izumi INC-7000 Nose Washer to do it for you. Instead of accidentally blowing liquid out of your nose, you can purposely blow liquid up your nose.

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The Gotta Go Briefcase

No one will ever need Depends again! When you have to go, just grab your Gotta Go Briefcase from the Niban Too Corp of Japan. The great part is, I’m actually not kidding, as far as I can tell this is actually real.

Apparently two Japanese corporate masterminds decided to create this for better time efficiency. As you can tell from glancing at the picture it’s toilet within a briefcase. It even has a spot for your t.p. and room for some newspaper and other important reading materials. I dug back as far as I could looking for a punch line with this invention and found the original article in American Inventor Spot. I read through all kinds of stuff and they are actually serious about this.

Search the net with K-Fed

Search the net with K-Fed

It’s a sad day when K-Fed creates his own friggin search engine. The real kicker is that Yahoo is actually the one backing it. What respect I had for Yahoo is now out the window.

He went all out on this one too, he even did a few glamour shots as opposed to the usual pictures of him that let all of his white trash colors shine through. He’s even giving away 10 tickets to his Birthday party in Las Vegas; you are entered to win every time you use the search engine.

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Thomson save us from pirates

It's something of a moist relief that manufacturers are helping broadcasters to save me from myself.  Every day of my miserable life I'm but a step away from accidentally pirating something recorded on my PVR, and unintentionally damaging the trusting, loyal relationship I have with the people who supply me with endless reality TV and formulaic comedy docu-drama.  Thank the lucky stars for Thomson and their NexGuard fingerprinting and encryption technology, which can embed a unique code that includes the serial number of your set-top box into anything you record from it.  That way, should you inadvertently produce several thousand copies of, say, Desperate Housewives for your own, personal use, you can be tracked down and roughly flogged.

This PC is the bomb

I'm a big fan of case mods. I've done a few in my day, and will hopefully have more time to dedicate to such projects. So when something really cool comes along, I feel the need to pass it on to you.

This car is no toy

Everyone has that friend that spends way too much time and money on their car. (Of course they think that you spend way too much time and money on your computer) Claiming it's the fastest one around. Wouldn't it be nice to show them up with a car that could leave them in the dust? Here's the perfect car.

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