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Koloroo KolorWheel warns you of clashing colors

If any of you out there are colorblind at all, you'll know the frustration of picking out colors that go well together. Also, if you're a guy like me, chances are that you have no fashion sense anyway, so it doesn't really matter. I happen to be both of these things. A little app for your iPod is hoping to help with these color issues.

FireWire flash drives from OCZ

We know OCZ mostly for their high-end RAM, but they also produce some pretty nice flash drives as well. Their latest USB drives don't appear to disappoint.

Make quick and simply copies of your entire library

I've never really had the urge to read an ebook, honestly, if I'm going to relax and read, I want to actually be away from all of my gadgets to do so. So needless to say I won't be buying the Zeutschel OS 12000 BookCopy for myself any time soon.

Satisfy your hardcore gaming needs anywhere

If you're a hardcore gamer and need to be able to pack up your rig and take it on the road, you know that toting around a full ATX case can be quite cumbersome. You could always get a laptop, but they're never as good as your desktop.

Eurocom is trying to change that thought. They have been making high-end gaming computers for a while now, and have recently introduced a laptop that might just give your desktop a run for its money. You'll get an Intel Core 2 Extreme processor, a Phantom boost dual Nvidia GeForce Go 7950 GTX 512MB / Nvidia Quadro FX 2500M 512MB. You'll also be able to upgrade your video card in the future if you deem it necessary.

They spared no expense on these, you'll also get a 600Gb HDD with RAID 5, 4GB RAM, Bluetooth, WiFi and an HDTV tuner. The base price starts at $2,899.

Eurocom D900C workstation-class gaming laptop
[via pclaunches]

Sony releases full backwards-compatibility list for PS3 in Europe

We know that the PS3 is going to have very limited backwards compatibility in Europe. The reason being that they decided to cut costs by leaving out the PS2 Emotion chip.

The Swear Box

The Swear Box

The Swear box is your own personal gadget to monitor that dirty language of yours. It takes on the fight fire with fire technique, unlike other attempts at sweetening up the potty mouths we seem to have acquired.
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The iShirt, for those days you forget to wear pants

The iShirt, for those days you forget to wear pants

You can tally this one up with more useless junk to go with your iPod. It’s a shirt that has pockets for your iPod, and little guides that are supposed to help untangle the extra cords. You wouldn’t want to trip and somehow hang yourself. Those iPods are dangerous!
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The Psychedelic CD box

The Psychedelic CD box

This thing just proves that my theory about shiny things is correct. It’s a box, with LED lights, oooh but you can stack them, that makes them a lot more interesting.

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Fastest inkjet printer ever

One of the worst things in life has to be waiting. And for all of our great technology these days, we're still constantly waiting. Whether it's downloading Windows updates, or printing off a family portrait, there's always plenty of time to kill. Australian-based Silverbrook Research my have something to cut down on the time you spend waiting on those prints.

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Banish loud commercials forever – or at least keep them quiet

There's nothing quite like watching some TV, only for a commercial to come on blearing about how you need to “come on down” for a great deal about something you don't care about. Then you have to turn the volume down, only to turn it back up when your show comes back on.

If you find yourself running into this problem frequently, and happen to have an extra 50 bucks lying around, you might look into the TV Volume Regulator. It's a pretty self-explanatory device. Plug it in, and everything stays at the same volume level.

Honestly, the only thing that I find more annoying than loud commercials are commercials in general. Thankfully since the purchase of my DVR, I really don't watch commercials anymore.

TV Volume Regulator - THE END OF LOUD COMMERCIALS [via ohgizmo]

Warm up with Motorola’s new rugged laptops

All-in-one devices are commonplace these days. Phones that are PDA's, printers that can scan, copy and fax. It seems that if you look close enough at any new gadget, you'll find something else crammed inside. How about a heater built into your laptop? Motorola has you covered there.

Now shipping: the Apple TV

At long last, Apple's highly anticipated new product will begin shipping. Well, Apple's other highly anticipated product will begin shipping; the iPhone is still set for June.