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Jalopnik’s DIY attempt at nine-lives of road safety

If there's one thing we should all remember not to forget, it's to take road safety seriously.  With the toll of crashes, mangled bumpers and casualties small and large growing, some analysts are predicting that one day the highways will be so full of corpses and scrap metal that we might as well get used to the idea of transporting ourselves in hot air balloons.  Something must be done, and who would've thought that the JC Whitney catalogue would be the salvation to our pile-up happy lifestyle.


Jalopnik's Murilee Martin revisited some adolescent lusts and decided to recreate Winky The White Cat, a feline safeguard protecting against tailgaters and those for whom normal lights just aren't furry enough.  Winky, sat on your parcel-shelf, used his flashing eyes to give turn-signals and indication of braking, with all the style and panache unique to an acrylon-like fluffy conductor wearing a satin bow.

Is your home getting enough Fiber?

Just ten measly years ago the height of home networking technology was a length of drainpipe full of mice that ferried noughts and ones between binary distribution points.  Now gigabit ethernet is fast filtering into domestic installations, heavy with promise for all the VoIP, multi-room audio and video and high-speed broadband we can't live without.  So what does a rabid early-adopter decide on when being first is key?  Well, how about your own fiber-optic home network.

RIM forums gather up 8800 BlackBerry info

If the BlackBerry 8800 has tickled your fancy and you're hungrily gobbling up all the information you can find, you could do far worse than check out the RIM BlackBerry Forums and their comprehensive guide to the handset.

Bill Stone’s bathtub sub

Back when I was having swimming lessons at school, one of the tasks we had to complete in order to get a certificate was collecting a rubber brick from the deep-end of the pool.  I'm not sure exactly what this was designed to prepare us for - working for a miserly and slippery-fingered brick layer as he constructs a river-spanning bridge, perhaps - but I now know that I should have called upon the services of DepthX, Bill Stone's awesome autonomous underwater robot.


Helio Dual-Slider Messenger handset leaked on FCC

Helio Dual-Slider Messenger handset leaked on FCC

I’ve got a lot of love for Helio, and even more now with this SICK QWERTY-ready messenger handset (just need to remind myself not to call it a phone!).

While the official name is still unknown, it’s internally being called Pantech PN-810. The phone sports a similar design to Samsung’s F520 which – a dual slider. So basically when sliding the top layer up, in landscape view reveals a QWERY keyboard. And while in portrait view, sliding the top layer up reveals the number keypad. This is a very nifty design; and it’s about damn time Helio offers something this cool!

So what are the specs you can expect on this bad boy? First of all, EV-DO radio, 2.1-megapixel camera with built-in flash, and a 260k TFT LCD.

Dual-Sliding Messenger Phone for Helio Spotted on FCC Site [PhoneScoop]

Nokia 6110 Navigator – The Navigation-enabled phone

I have no sense of directions, so any phone with built in GPS or navigation system are welcome. Nokia announces a new phone called Nokia 6110 Navigator. The Nokia 6110 Navigator combined GPS (Global Positioning System) and AGPS (Assisted Global Positioning System) functionality with always-on mobile.

Nokia 7373 Special Edition

If you were bummed out that the Nokia 7373 was too feminine for your taste when it was released last summer, well bum out no more.  Expected to launch in March is the Nokia 7373 Special Edition, redesigned by a fashion designer Giambattista Valli.  Valli dressed it up in sleek black with his iconic pearl necklace with a black skull, matching Valli wallpapers, graphics and the exclusive ringtone “Rhodium”.

Alienware boosts Area-51 7500 with Quad Core

Alienware boosts Area-51 7500 with Quad Core

Alienware is boosting its Area-51 7500 desktop by featuring the new Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 CPU. Intel has released the Q6600 quad core CPU for quite a while; it’s a matter of time until all high end PC maker starting to feature them on their expensive machines.

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Jack Bauer’s Toys

Jack Bauer’s Toys

Is Jack, Jack without all his cool toys? Yes, because he’s Jack Bauer, the only real life super hero that can save the world from bad people in 24 hours. I wanted to be MacGyver growing up, and now that I’m grown up (at least I think I am), I want to be Jack.

Thanks to Uncrate, they’ve identified a whole slew of Jack’s toys from his watch, phone, weaponry, pocket scope, vest and even his messenger bag.

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No more excuses for speeding tickets

I've always thought it a little strange that people always tell you to keep your eyes on the road, but at the same time, they don't want you to speed. Well, that does make sense, what is strange is that they position the speedometer so that you have to look through your steering wheel at it.

Hell freezes over, Gates and Jobs set to share stage at D5

Yes, you read it right, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates will be sharing the stage at WSJ's D: All Things Digital Conference. Don't rush out to find tickets, they're already sold out. So, if any of you out there happen to find yourself with an extra ticket, let me know. I think I'm free that day.

Taste the Lightscribe rainbow

I remember when Lightscribe came out, it was the coolest thing to happen to CD's since you could burn them. HeaderWay Corp is trying to add some color to your CD collection by offering Lightscribe discs in red, yellow, bule, and green. It's amazing how different the disks turn out just from having a different color to start with.