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Over the top manga case

I have a fascination with anime and manga. I don't really know what it is, maybe it's the big eyes, or the over exaggerated expressions. Someone got the great idea to make a SFF case that's covered in manga art. Thus was born the Kiarabea.

Wireless NES controller for your Wii

So you've got your Wii, and you've downloaded your favorite NES game (mine being the original Zelda) but something just doesn't feel right. Maybe the Wiimote just doesn't feel nostalgic enough for you.

What if you could take that old NES controller and make it wireless for the Wii? That would be awesome, and now you can do it. Mark Feldman has compiled a video tutorial on just how to make this mod happen.

If you don't feel comfortable desecrating your favorite controller from the past, you could always get an adapter for it. But what's the challenge in that?

DIY Wireless Retro NES, SNES for the Wii [via gizmodo]

Can we expect Black iMacs and other Apple products refreshed in June?

Can we expect Black iMacs and other Apple products refreshed in June?

According to recent rumors around the blogosphere, it’s highly possible that Apple will release a whole new range of refreshed products, such as a black iMac, cinema displays, “ultra portable Macbook Pro,” 8-core MacPro and 15-inch MacBook.

Tons of Mac hardware releases for Q2, black iMac on the way? [Via Wired]

New Nvidia drivers for Vista

Nvidia chip owners rejoice! Well, those of you that aren't trying to use SLI in Vista can rejoice. Nvidia has released what they are calling stable Vista drivers.

Charge your USB devices from any wall outlet

The market is full of products that charge via a USB port. It's amazing that it has taken this long for someone to come out with a product that you can plug into a wall outlet to charge any USB device.

Eleksen add more controls to fabric keyboard concept

Eleksen add more controls to fabric keyboard concept

We're unashamedly impressed by Eleksen's clever fabric keyboard technology here at SlashGear; their original roll-up 'board seems like a far better mobile solution than i.Tech's Virtual Keyboard, and subsequent forays of the concept into areas like embedded iPod controls in clothing have been warmly reviewed.  Now the company is teasing us with another concept design, this time making the most of both sides of the fabric.


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European PS3 to have reduced backwards-compatibility

Ironically, straight after suggesting that there's finally a good reason for buying a PS3 comes the news that European gamers wanting to play their back-catalogue of PlayStation 2 games might do better waiting until after the launch.  Sony has just released a statement where they attempt to justify removing the dedicated emulation chip (which allows US and Japanese variants of the console to play up to 98 percent of PS2 games) made by Datamonitor and replacing it with a less-effective software emulator:

"Rather than concentrate on PS2 backwards compatibility, in the future, company resources will be increasingly focused on developing new games and entertainment features exclusively for PS3, truly taking advantage of this exciting technology" David Reeves, President, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

Customers are likely to be unimpressed by paying considerably more than their US and Japanese counterparts for a console that is tangibly inferior.  Not a great move, Sony!

Sony Press Release [via Guardian Unlimited]

Finally, a good reason to buy a PS3?

Good news for all of you PS3 owners out there. I'm sure you could use some good news after shelling out as much money as you likely did and got so little for it. Anyway, on to the good news.

New USB Mouse heats things up

Are you always cold? I am constantly freezing and my fingers are the worst, I have even been known to wear gloves indoors before. Now there is the USB Warmer Mouse II that actually warms your hand.

R2-D2 talks trash

R2-D2 talks trash

Looking to extend your collection of Star Wars collectables? Now you can buy the R2D2 trash can. It is a trash can that stands 24” high and is a detailed model of the classic R2.

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Shimano aims for an easy urban ride

It's been quite a few years since I've rode a bike, and any desire to do so now would be complicated by not actually having one any more.  The cash-injected biking industry does me no favours when it comes to choosing one, either, with all manner of complicated variations in gears, brakes and chassis; stepping into a specialist bike shop is about as scary as browsing a designer clothes store, under the disapproving and contemptuous gaze of the assistants.


Gear manufacturer Shimano has obviously decided to cash in on that eco-concerned but bike-ignorant market sector, and the Coasting system is their first strike.  Basically a three-speed automatic transmission for a bike, it takes all the complicated "first you flick this lever, then that one, but never stop pedalling while you do it!" madness out of the whole business.

Gear Diary reviews some wrist-cinema

That saucy devil Judie Hughes has been posting some premium-grade wrist-geek-porn over at Gear Diary, in her review of an mp4 Watch.  Available in 1GB and 2GB capacities, it's pretty much a dinky 1.5-inch square, 128x128 pixel, 65,000 colour display strapped to your arm which displays video, plays mp3s and acts as a voice-recorder.  Oh, and it tells the time, too.


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