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Kohjinsha ultra-portable: another middling review

We've seen reviews of the Kohjinsha SA1F00A before, but I'm still in two minds about the dinky handheld.  On the positive side there's undoubtedly something cool about a full Windows XP laptop, complete with keyboard, that's small enough to make even the weakest road-warrior happy; on the negative, there've been all sorts of dark mutterings about usability and how fit for purpose its power-sipping specs are.  Now it's Jenn over at Pocketables' turn to have a try, and see whether the SA1F00A will fit into her mobile lifestyle.


Give messy cables the Bird-Electron

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's untidy cables.  I've been known to roundly thrash a grown man for leaving a single headphone extension lead trailing messily across the corner of my desk.  And if you're going to tidy, then you may as well tidy in style; oh, and with a daft name, too. 


Multi-Functional Digital Camcorders From Mustek

The new Mustek DV700TZ and DV530TZ camcorders are simple to use as point-and-shoot cameras. These new camcoders are designed to be very compact and portable with multi functions such as built-in digital still camera, digital voice recorder, MP3 player and webcam.

For the pig in everyone-the Piggy Vacuum

Feel the need to flaunt your pig-like traits? Now you can buy a vacuum that declares it to the world. It’s a little handheld vacuum shaped like a pig and powered by batteries. This means if you were brave enough you could carry this in your car.

Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings

I know any of you who have had a female in your life have heard that dreaded line. “I don’t want anything.” Be it for their birthday, holidays, whatever, at some point or another they say it. Then you are left with that horrible decision, do you listen or do you ignore it.

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Core Flex Body Gym rocks

Core Flex Body Gym rocks

It would seem these days that America has an issue with obesity. Personally, I don’t think the obesity is as much of a big deal as the amount of workout systems we put our money into and never use. There is yet another one on the market and it does seem like a good system.

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A phone for Fido

Everyone has a cell phone these days. It's almost become more important to us as the computers that we use. Why shouldn't your dog be able to have that same luxury as well?

Adron introduces 160GB flash HDD

I'm sure that plenty of you Windows users out there have made the switch to Vista by now. But what you likely haven't done is take advantage of the ReadyDrive feature.

Keyboards of the rich and famous

Do you have too much money on your hands? Can you type without looking at the letters? If you've answered yes to these questions, then I've got the perfect keyboard for you.

MiniPC GF800 – Small on size, big on price

Japanese PC manufacturer MiniPC has brought out a new line called the GF800. The most notable feature is the support for dual displays.

Re-live the days of the Commodore

I never owned a Commodore 64, nor have I to my recollection ever used one. My school was full of Apple II's, and my first computer was also an Apple. But for those of you that loved your Commodore, here's a mod that will make your day.

Video of the first iPhone Commercial

Apple aired their first iPhone commercial during the Oscars tonight as promised. If you didn't feel like sitting through all of that just to see it, we've got you covered.

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