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PS3 Wants to Go on Diet Too! Slimmer PS3 on its way

PS3 Wants to Go on Diet Too! Slimmer PS3 on its way

I guess I’m not the only one who wants to get thinner; Sony is working on a next revision of PS3 that will adopt slimmer form factor. The new PS3 will also move to a 45nm chips by 2008.

The current bulky PS3 has a nice design but a little bulky and a slimmer PS3 would be nice revision.

Slimmer PS3 on the Way [via gizmodo, via T3]

Macbook Anyone? Ops I meant Mini Macbook!

AppleInsider has an insider story about Apple working on a sub-notebook so called “Mini Macbook”. Rumor has it the new sub-notebook will be announce around the time of WWDC, and it will sports onboard NAND flash. As I said, it’s still a rumor so take this like a grain of salt.

Apple to re-enter the sub-notebook market [via appleinsider]

Nokia E90 – does the keyboard live up to expectations?

Oh dear.  Initial reports on the Nokia E90 are trickling in, and like a warm rivulet of liquid down your inner thigh it's not particularly great news.  A bone of contention - and demonstrating just how subjective smartphones really are - is the keyboard.  My Symbian readily heap praise on it:

"Only good words can be said about the keyboard. It has the same height as the keyboard of the 9500 and the same width as the keyboard of the 9300(i). And, just like with the dimensions of the device, it's a PERFECT combination. What's more, in contrast to 9500's and 9300's flat keys, the keys in the E90 are slightly convex and shaped in the way that makes you clearly feel where each key begins or ends"

This, however, stands distinctly at odds with The Register's hands-on report, where they find the keyboard to be too small to touch-type on and perhaps too broad to comfortably thumb-type with: "Alas, unless you have very small fingers indeed, you're going to be disappointed."

Watch-cellphone finally gets release date, price

Having a quick glance at jkontherun today, I saw their article on the SMS M300 cellphone watch which is due to start shipping next month and thought to myself "I'm sure I've seen that before."  Sure enough, we wrote about the M300 last September, at the time reporting their predicted December 2006 release date.  Guess the intricacies of fitting a tri-band cellphone with GPRS, Bluetooth 2.0, mp3 player, OLED screen and enough battery life for 200 minutes talk-time or 80hrs standby were a little more tricky than expected, eh guys?


DLO workout case – Sweat to the oldies with this ipod case

DLO workout case – Sweat to the oldies with this ipod case

Do you yet need another case for your iPod and find so few to choose from? I seriously doubt that, but for some strange reason everyone is determined to put a ton of accessories out there for all the different iPods.

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Covertly Click to your heart’s content

Covertly Click to your heart’s content

I’m sure by now most people have seen one form or another of one of these puppies. For those of you that haven’t, though, it basically changes the channels or volume on someone else’s tv without them knowing it’s you. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand so no one will notice.

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Cenio’s new royal court

I know we have our fair share of custom tech items these days. Where some designer walks in and makes our bland tech items all shiny and pretty. Of course most of us eat that stuff up, because frankly we are bored with gray. Really who chooses gray?

New Macbook Size on the Way?

Yes, there are Apple rumors out there that aren't related to the iPhone. The latest one comes to us out of a “source in Taiwan.” And we all know that unnamed sources in a far-off country are always accurate.

New Mobile PC Phone From HTC

Remember yesterday when I was talking about phones moving from “smartphones” to mobile PC's? Well, the new HTC Advantage X7500 just supports that theory.

CK-15W – Bluetooth Display Car Kit From Nokia

Nokia is trying to help out road warriors with their CK-15W. The idea is that you have a 2.2” touchscreen mounted on your dash, and work your phone from there instead of fumbling around with your phone.

Simple Battery Converter From Brando

It never fails, you need a flashlight and the batteries are dead. Of course, it takes D batteries and you only have AA's around to keep your mouse powered. What if your AA batteries could power that flashlight?

Yes, Virginia, Quantum Computing is Real

Yes, Virginia, Quantum Computing is Real

For years we have heard the term “Quantum Computing” always used in a future tense. It was one of those things that scientists were working on in a lab somewhere that would never be finished in our life time. Reminds me of a 3D Realms game.

Similar to the long overdue Duke Nukem title, we have been given a taste of what is to come. D-Wave introduced the world's first commercially viable quantum computer this week. It is by no means ready to be put to work in the mainstream, but it's a leap in the right direction.

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