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Wally live up to extravagant reputation: WallyIsland Yacht

Let me get the disclaimer out of the way first: Wally are insane.  Marvellous, now that's done we can get down to the serious business of enjoying the madness they produce, without such paltry concerns as fuel-efficiency, environmental impact or the contents of however many bank accounts we'd need to raid so as to afford something from their ocean-going stable. 


Every so often the company release a concept design for some uber-yacht, and the most recent is the WallyIsland.  A 325-foot long monster, capable of sustained cruising at 16 knots it has a massive 1,000m2 forward deck that can be used for multiple helipads, tennis courts or simply filling with furniture and partying in.

Unboxing – HP Printing Mailbox from Presto

A little while ago I wrote an article on the HP Printing Mailbox from Presto. As you saw in my article, I wasn't very impressed by what I saw. The good people over at Presto read it and wanted to make a believer out of me.

A comb with laser beams – HairMax LaserComb

A comb with laser beams – HairMax LaserComb

For all those men out there who can’t exactly pull off the bald Vin Diesel look, there is a new product to help you with that rapidly receding hairline. The new Lexington HairMax LaserComb. It is exactly what it says; a comb with lasers. Supposedly, this product slowly helps men or women’s hair thicken again.

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DIY SSD drive has memory flaw

Gah, here's today's leading competitor in "so much promise, but nope" race: Century's SDB25SD DIY Solid State Drive (SSD).  A little background for those out of the hard drive loop: SSD is flash-based storage rather than traditional moving hard-drives, which means a) they're faster, and b) they're not prone to shaking-related errors, what with having a grand total of zero moving parts.  They're starting to appear in certain laptops and UMPCs, but the high price of large-capacity flash memory compared to similar capacity traditional hard-drives means the products themselves end up forced into a niche market.


Century's offering suggests you could replace a standard 2.5-inch hard drive with this SD caddy, giving any laptop or portable willing to open up its guts for replacement a less-power-hungry, more responsive lease of life.  Sadly, it's not all wine and roses.

EM Mobile unveil HSDPA WM5 handheld

After the swoopy sleekness of the Nalu concept, this EM Mobile UMPC designed by Sharp for the Japanese market looks dolefully retro.  Called the EM ONE, it will be sold by the carrier as an always-connected HSDPA device, but does away with anything so traditional as voice calling.  Instead, you can enjoy yourself with the 4.1-inch, 800x480 screen, b and g flavour WiFi when coverage proves lacking, and Bluetooth 1.2, tapping away on the slide-out keyboard or, if words are still too traditional, sliding the unit sideways to access just the D-pad and joystick.


Strangely it relies on Windows Mobile 5, not 6, and the camera is a paltry 1.3-megapixels (paltry by Japanese cellphone standards, certainly).  A 520MHz PXA CPU together with NVidia's GoForceTM5500 chipset lend some meat to the performance, and although the 4-hour battery life is good when compared to proper UMPCs (e.g. those running the full Windows OS) it's not great for a WM5 device.

Yah, Toast!

Yah, Toast!

Ever feel the need to rebel against the typical boring kitchen appliances and gadgets? Personally, I love anything that stands out as strange or freakish, especially in my kitchen. This toaster actually burns a skull and crossbones into your toast, which brings a whole new life to plain toast.

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Natural sunlight for any room

I practically live in my basement. No, not my parent's basment, the basement in my house. Some days I spend so much time down there that I barely see the sun at all. With a Solatube, one day I may be able to see sunlight every day.

Personal B.S. detector

For those of you with a sarcastic sense of humor, check out this watch. It is marketed as the Universal B.S. Detector Watch. That got your attention, didn't it?

Sneaky hard drive enclosure

Do you like things that look like something else? Here's a 2.5” hard drive enclosure that looks just like a 3.5” bare hard drive.

Cool Xbox 360 mod – the Xbot

I'm a big fan of modding, so when I run across something like this, I feel compelled to share it. Someone has created a device that will play their Xbox 360 for them.

More frilly girl stuff – Pink car kit

Alright, I have shown plenty of girly products since staring here at Slashgear, however, this one is so girly it creeps even me out. It is a pink car kit, which is great because it does motivate some girls to be smart and carry the things you should in your car. I just can’t quite get on board with this one; first of all it has a teeny tiny ice scraper. I personally drive a full size pickup; I would have to climb onto the truck to clear the windshield with that thing. I already do to clean it at the gas station, which gets me some funny looks. Now I know not a lot of girls drive trucks, they do however, drive SUV’s.

Double-hinge cellphone concept is PMP, Blackberry and more

Over at MYiPhone, guest author Jon Hollander talks us through his Nalu concept phone idea.  An interesting twist on the clamshell format, the handset uses a specially-hinged control section to either show media controls or a QWERTY keyboard depending on which way it's opened.

Nalu, which means "wave" in Hawaiian, obviously would depend on some pretty cutting edge technology, not least in the screen; that would have to be two panels, with edges as thin as possible to make the join appear seamless.  Jon is currently having a mock-up prototype of the casing made, and you can check out more pictures after the cut as well as a video of the Nalu design over at MYiPhone.