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Make your own multitouch projected table

Multitouch, it's all you bloody hear about these days.  If another person stops me in the street or blocks my car in just to shout "Apple have invented a multitouch cellphone!" into my face, I'll scream.  Okay, so a huge company spent over two years developing a compact screen that could respond to more than one finger jabbing at it.  So what?  What's far more impressive to my mind is this four-day project to make a multitouch table:

ASUS deny Aura parentage

Earlier on this month those people who get quiet shivers of glee from fancy-schmancy cellphone concepts had another rendered thrill with what was said to be a design from ASUS' studios.  Called the Aura, the most striking thing - aside from a deeply slender pop-out keyboard - was a sliding control bar that could be positioned at various points along the display.

Stake out your children from the stove

Perhaps years of being warned by the media of the "Paedophile Menace" has made me overly twitchy, but when UK kitchen retailers brand their latest high-tech intrusion into the room of food a "kiddy cam" then I start to wonder who exactly is peeping at your children. 


WiFi upgrade for Treo 750

While I had to send back the Treo 750v I reviewed in January, it looks like Mitchell over at Gear Diary is keeping his.  Sounds like we shared more than just the same handset, though; one of the concerns I had, and that Mitchell echoes, was that relying on the cellular data rather than having any sort of WiFi option would be a) slow and b) expensive.  In my own experience it turned out to be plenty fast enough, and the convenience of not worrying about whether I was in router range made it all worthwhile; Mitchell on the other hand has been looking at other ways to get his 802.11 fix.

Every alcoholic’s best friend

I know some of you think it is no big deal to walk over to the mini fridge and get a pop, beer, or whatever, however, it is a big deal. I mean first you have to get up, which is just awful, then you have to walk (I mean who does that). Then of course there is the horrible bending and opening the fridge, then you have to walk all the way back.

Customizable tissue box-it leaves you with that “ewwie” feeling

Customizable tissue box-it leaves you with that “ewwie” feeling

Every single time I look at this tissue box, it creeps me out. So, me being the kind person that I am I felt the urge to pass on the feeling to our readers here at Slashgear. This tissue box doesn’t just come with a baby; you can put your own pictures in there, exciting isn’t it.

I’m sure some of you look at it and think that it’s cute, but it just looks unnatural. I agree tissue boxes do need to be updated and brought back to life with something besides a “cozy”. I would rather we just leave them as is than create them to look like this. Normally something like this would make me chuckle a bit, but for some unknown reason it weirds me out.

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The reincarnation of the light bulb

The reincarnation of the light bulb

I’m sure all of you live in a super chic household with not a single thing out of place. However, I don’t, shocking I know. Well for all of you the love chic look this lamp is definitely for you. Although, the design I’m sure sounds silly, it actually looks really cool.

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The aptly-named TP1 from Sony

Sony showed off their TP1 at CES earlier this year. It certainly turned some heads with it's unique new “roll of TP” look. But does the hardware keep pace with the looks?

Asus launches limited-edition AquaTank card

If you're looking for the ultimate gaming card out there, money is not an issue, and of course you're not running Vista, Asus has a card that's perfect for you.

“Shut up” button for your cell phone

I believe that I have discovered the greatest cellphone patent ever. Imagine if you were on the phone with someone that just won't stop talking. Now imagine that you could simply press a button to have the phone tell them to basically shut their trap.

Keep your valuables safe, and cold

People are always coming up with creative new ways to stash away their valuables. The best is usually a storage area disguised as something else. My personal favorite is the classic hollowed-out book. Runner-up: hollowed-out head of lettuce.

Take your Guitar Hero skills to the next level

So, your countless hours rocking out to Guitar Hero have left you with a feeling that you by now you should surely be able to play the real thing. But you don't want to spend a fortune on equipment in case you don't turn out to be the next Eddie Van Halen.

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