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Samsung’s New 19-, 20-, and 22-inch Widescreen LCD Monitors

Samsung has some new additions to their SyncMaster line of displays, which they debuted at this past CES. The SyncMaster 906BW, 206BW, and 226BW are respectively 19-, 20-, and 22-inch widescreen LCD monitors that all feature a super fast response time of 2ms (GTG), a contrast ratio of 3000:1, and support for both DVI-D and Analog inputs.

The 906BW (19-inch) is priced at $279.99 and features a 1440 x 900 resolution, and 300 nits of brightness. Both the 206BW (20-inch), priced at $349.99, and the 226BW (22-inch), priced at $429.99 feature a resolution of 1680 x 1050.

Belkin Flip DVI-D

While many people attempt to clutter their desktops with extra monitors and peripherals, Belkin is thinking less is more. If you have two computers or one computer and one notebook, why have two different speakers systems when you’ll only be using one at a time? Or, lets say you have a huge Apple cinema display. Perhaps, your notebook and computer can both share that one display and you can flip back and forth with just the click of a button.

Belkin’s Flip DVI-D does the trick by letting you share your keyboard, mouse, speakers, and DVI monitor. The unobtrusive remote button sits on your desk while the hub can be hidden below connecting all your peripherals. The device will be available in February for $149.99.

Rubik’s Cube Mp3 Player Concept

All the mp3 players today are replicating the simple iPodean form. Everything has become so simple to operate that we are losing much needed brain activity. So, here’s an interesting concept MP3 player from designer Hee Yong that’s based on the Rubik’s Cube and sure to get your brain working.

To operate the MP3 player, you have to turn and align it in certain ways and to turn it off you have to complete the puzzle. And since I’ve never successfully completed a Rubik’s Cube before nor gotten anywhere close, I may never even be able to play a song on this thing. But nonetheless, it’s a fun idea.

"Rubik Cube Mp3 Player"
[Via: Yanko Design]

i.Tech Virtual Keyboard verdict: tough on those fingers

Back in December I asked whether we could find it in ourselves to give the i.Tech Virtual Keyboard a second chance, and it was poor Judie over at Gear Diary who had to put it through its paces. I say "poor Judie" not because she hates playing with sexy gadgets - quite the opposite - but in the name of getting a working, projected keyboard on her desk she's had to delve far deeper into Bluetooth stacks and the vagaries of Windows service packs than any sane individual would wish on another.

So was it worth her pain and misery and, since I know you're a cruel soul and care more about how you should spend your hard earned florins, is it something you should go out and buy?

A Way To Dump Wii Games Revealed

A Way To Dump Wii Games Revealed

It's just a matter of time before someone finds ways to make backup of Nintendo Wii games. A forum post on Wii Newz noted a method on how to dump a backup game using your PC. The process of dumping the disc took roughly fifty hours or more and will only work with a specific model of LG DVD-ROM.

You will also need couple utilities to do this such as DVDInfo, .NET framework 2.0, and Rawdump. Currently there are no way to play the dumped games on console yet.

Note : SlashGear does not condone piracy act.

Microsoft In Your Bathroom – Unveils eToilet

Microsoft In Your Bathroom – Unveils eToilet

Microsoft has not only invade your PC, living room, cell phones, but also your bathroom? eeek. Yes, it wasnt a typo of sort; Bill Gates wants Microsoft product in your bathroom as he announced eToilet at CES 2007. It has built in 21-inch LCD monitor on the toilet lid that swings out on a swivel arm when in use. A built-in proximity sensor protects the screen from spray during use or flushing. It streams your music from Zune, allows you to surf the internet and monitors your personal hygiene. The eToilet will retail for between $499 and $599 and should be available as early as next month.

Bill Gates noted "Americans spend an average of two weeks per year in the bathroom, and as part of Microsoft's efforts to continue to make inroads in the home, we fully plan to capitalize on that time."

Just like Billy said, Microsoft wants a cut on any time you have.

Microsoft Unveils EToilet For Geeks [via bornrich]

Note : apparently this is a joke, Thanks Griffin for the tips.

CES 2007 : Sanyo Zero Gravity Massage Chair

CES 2007 : Sanyo Zero Gravity Massage Chair

I'm not a big fan of massage chairs, but Sanyo Zero Gravity Massage Chair is so comfortable I can sit on it forever. It features SANYO's intelligent stiffness detection sensor technology, which diagnoses stress areas by measuring changes in pulse rate and perspiration and using the results of the finding it will provide a customized massage to relief your stiffness. The chair also moves the body into the most neutral position with diminished stress on the back. This position also provide better circulation. It will be available in Spring this year and No pricing information available yet.

Protect Your iPod Nano Gen 2 with H2O

People don't usually drop their iPod into swimming poll, but accident do happened. H2O Audio iPod Nano Gen 2 case is a waterproof housing for your 2nd Gen iPod Nano that will protect your iPod Nano when you are using it on water sports activities. The retail price for this case will be $79.95 and it includes sport arm band. You can also grab a waterproof headphones from H2O for $39.95.

OpenMoko Interface – I’m Loving It!

OpenMoko Interface – I’m Loving It!

I'm not saying this because I'm a Linux user and developer, but i LOVE OpenMoko mockup interface so far. It reminds me of my favorite Window manager, Enlightenment with its brushed metal background and such. Looking at OpenMoko, makes me wanting iPhone less and less (well i prefer open source over anything, any day) and i cant wait to dig in and make some hacks and application for this smartphone. Enjoy the screenshots of the OpenMoko interface.

Photo above is taken during exclusive party in Vegas where i met Sean from OpenMoko.

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GTMS-3000 Mini Finger Optical Mouse

GTMS-3000 Mini Finger Optical Mouse

If i were to propose again, i won't be using GTMS-3000 Mini Finger mouse as "will you marry me ring" (unless i purposely wants to be rejected). GTMS-3000 is designed to be ergonomic and humanization, and usage is as easy as strapping the mouse on your finger. It works similar to a pointing device except you will be pointing the sensor downwards. With 400/800 dpi resolution, it is a decent mouse. I wish this mouse come in wireless model, but the one meter or so cable should be plenty for normal usage.

The Official "Will You Marry Me?" Optical Mouse [via gizmodo]

HTC Cavalier Unboxing

HTC Cavalier Unboxing

Boy Genius, who always on the scene for new handset got a HTC Cavalier on his hand unboxed the upcoming HTC smartphone. The HTC Cavalier is an offspring and improved version of HTC Excalibur, with faster Samsung 400MHz processor, 128MB flash memory and a 2 megapixel camera module.

More HTC Cavalier Unboxing [via slashphone]

iPhone Not Really Widescreen?

iPhone Not Really Widescreen?

Cnet discovers that iPhone display isnt really widescreen. 1.78:1 (16x9) screen is what usually widescreen aspect ratio is while iPhone's screen aspect ratio is 1.5:1. So the only way for iPhone to play widescreen content is by cropping and zoomingor by letterboxing the widescreen videos.

The snapshots of videos above show the difference between iPhone's and Apple TV's widescreen output.

iPhone's downsized wide screen [via crave]