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i-Blue 757 Solar GPS Receiver

One of the latest gadgets to take a look at for the outdoorsy-but-direction-challenged is the Transystem i-Blue 757 solar-powered Bluetooth 16-channel Nemerix GPS receiver. The device features a unique clamshell design with the lower portion housing the solar cell, the battery, and the circuitry, while the upper portion houses the GPS antenna.

The embedded rechargeable 1000mAh Li-Ion battery provides up to 30 hours of run time, while additional solar charging can provide up to 100 hours. The permanent standby feature is also good for saving power while allowing for quick power on.

You might remember that this is one of the models featured in Pocket GPS World's group test on sun-loving navigators.

i-Blue 757 solar bluetooth gps receiver
[Via: NaviGadget]

T-shirts will reveal your geekiness

A new T-shirt from EL glows the time in big light green digital clock on a t-shirt. I don't see the point of a shirt that is like this; It is not much of a fashion statement. It will however, keep the people who ask for the time away from you.

A stop watch funtion is also included, and the shirt is powered from 4 AAA batteries. I would imagine that the shirt would be somewhat uncomfortable to wear, and you can only hand wash the shirt. It is available for $40 over at

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Fully Functional Mini Replica of the Leica M3

If you couldn’t quite afford that vintage Leica nor its digital M8 version that you were groveling for, you might consider getting a mini replica of it from a Japanese company by the name of Komamura. They have been offering mini replicas of vintage cameras for some time now, but have just recently added the Leica M3.

As you can see from the picture, it is incredibly small, measuring in at 74 x 44 x 47mm and weighing 110g. But this palm-sized gizmo is no toy. It is a completely functional 5 megapixel digital camera with 32MB of internal memory, SD card reader, and LCD display on the back. Priced at around $420.

Keyboard allows many possibilities

A new keyboard from Atech Flash Technology crams a lot of bells and whistles into a keyboard. Along with an iPod dock, there are 3 slots that allow you to use 10 different formats of media. On Windows, each card will appear differently from each other, and the 14 hot keys allow you to jump to different programs in Windows.

Although the keyboard is not the sleekest or smallest on the market, it can be used for people who don't want to buy an extra 10-in-1 card reader, or an iPod dock. The card readers connect via USB 2.0, and the iPod connects via USB 2.0 too.

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Obvio “Tribrid” Vehicle Runs On Any Fuel

From the unsightly futuristic design, you can tell immediately this is no ordinary gas guzzling car. And although it may look like an Audi that’s been through a bad disfiguring accident, its actually a super “tribrid” car developed in collaboration between supercar maker Lotus and Brazilian design team Obvio. And yes, you read “tribrid,” meaning it can run on any combination of regular gas/bio ethanol, natural gas, or electricty.

This high-performance micro sports car has a unique layout that allows for side by side seating of three. It is expected to be available by the end of 2008 for a price tag of $59,000 if it makes it to the US. They will also be releasing a non-electric version that will be priced at $28,000.

Obvio Tribrid Runs on Virtually any Fuel [Via: I4U]

Pen without ink lasts a long time

A pen is currently out on the market that enables you to write without ink. The Metal Pen over at is 8cm long and is made of stainless steel. It can write on almost any type of paper, and there is no ink nib. When written on normal white paper, results were pretty good.

The pen gets its inspiration from the medieval times, when pens without ink were used. Famous painters (like Da Vinci), used a silver-based pen similar to this pen (although this one is metal). The website also claims that if used on printer paper, results will be similar to that of a pencil, and that the writing cannot be smudged. is currently out of stock of the $30 item, which usually comes in a metal tin described as "very smart, circular, and silver, and would make a very unusual gift".

Phonebook in your pocket

A USB Phonebook made by Brando allows you to easily create a list on contacts on the computer, add them to the electronic phonebook via USB, and then plug the phonebook into the phone using a plug made for the phone. The actual phonebook has two buttons on it, along with a light.

The software that is included in the unit works with Windows 98SE all the way to Windows XP, and no extra driver is needed. Infact, the software is already built into the phonebook so you need not install anything. You can then upload the contacts to your phone in "one touch".

The device is only USB 1.1 compliant, and making it USB 2.0 would speed up the transferring of contacts. The USB Phonebook Flash Drive can be purchased for $20.50 over at Brando's website. You can choose either the Nokia, Sony Ericcson, or Samsung edition.

Stereo adapter saves you time

Ever been listening to music when a call comes in? The new Jays Bluestreamer was launched in Sweden recently. It allows music from a stereo or other wired music device to stop when a call comes through from a PC or a phone. The Bluestreamer is wired to an iPod, PSP, CD Player, or stereo, while high-quality earphones are also attached to the Bluestreamer.

The 'streamer connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to your headset or PC and detects when a call is coming through. The device will then pause the music so that you can answer the phone. The device creates many possibilites, including allowing companies to embed this technology into existing MP3 players. If used by Apple, this technology would allow the iPod to pause its music when a call comes through the listener's cell phone.

Jays Bluestreamer [Via: Fosfor Gadgets]

Open Source entertainment device hits a bump

The Neuros OSD is the world's first mass-marketed open-source entertainment system. It comes in a slick black case, with a good-looking remote. Some problems were encountered early on, when reports ensued that only 4:3 aspect ratio content could be recorded, along with an awful quality of the video.

The unit has slots for many cards including SD, MMC and CF. The box has already been created, however it will be a long ways until the unit is actually shipping out and landing in people's living rooms.

Neuros OSD in the flesh [Via: Engadget]

Your palm controls the tunes!

A new design for a wall-mounted CD Player has been released. Designed by four Italian designers, the "Square CD" features 4 large buttons: rewind, pause, play, and fast forward. The buttons are about the size of a palm.

The CD is played directly above the buttons, and the Square CD is remeniscent of Apple's designs, most noticeably from its iPod and iMac Intel line. The Square CD is flat and square, and mounts onto any wall.

Cool Wall Mounted CD Player [Via:]

GPS Navigator with 18 languages

The Atlantis X-380 GPS Navigator is a system running Windows CE, and includes 3D views of terrain, time modes, re-routing and other features. The screen is over 3 inches big and has touchscreen technology, while a slot for SD cards that contain maps is also included.

The processor of the unit is 300MHZ, 64MB of RAM is included, and a running time of 4 hours on a battery. The system is available from JJC Communications, and can be bought from Amazon. It currently costs $450.

Atlantis X-360 GPS navigation [Via: NaviGadget]

Simplicity over features?

Rune Larsen is a designer behind designs of phones that have been featured on Gizmodo. He first created a design for the "Easy as Pi" phone, and has since come out with a design for the Eclipse Design Phone. Its key factor is simplicity, with a small enclosure that reveals the screen and keypads when opened.

Over at Gizmodo, this has been part of a discussion that pits the "Just calling, thanks" people against the "laptop in a pocket" people. So far almost 2000 votes have been cast, and "Just calling, thanks" was in the lead.

Eclipse Design Phone: Is Simple Better? [Via: Gizmodo]

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