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Microsoft to Launch Video Service – SoapBox

Microsoft to Launch Video Service – SoapBox

SoapBox! Wait that is not a channel for soap opera; its Microsoft new hosted video service like Youtube. The service will go into beta phase on Tuesday and Microsoft is shooting out for six months before the service goes gold. SoapBox will be integrated as part of MSN Video. I understand the need for Microsoft to jump into every *net market, but they do not have a very good track record for web services. MSN search is one of the example where Microsoft did not quickly established strong footing in the search engine realm and lose out to Google. We’ll just have to see how SoapBox will compete with YouTube and Google Video.

Microsoft to launch YouTube rival [via BBC]

The Davis Key Buoy – Emergency Buoy for Your Keys

The Davis Key Buoy – Emergency Buoy for Your Keys

My uncle TJ always on a trip offshore to fish, never have I heard he drop his keys into the water, but never say never. The Davis Key Fob is a keychain with the ability to inflate a small pop of tube to make your key float back up to the water surface when you drop it into the water. The tube will rise up to 14 inches above the water so you will be able to pick it up easily. Once it has inflate, you will not be able to use it again or deflate it as this keychain works the same way as car airbags, a one time pop. The keychain cost $6.99 and you can buy them from Landfall Navigation.

The Key Buoy [via coolest-gadget]

Portable Navigation and DVD System – Hammacher Schlemmer

Portable Navigation and DVD System – Hammacher Schlemmer

Nowadays, the more functionality on a device the better it is. I hate carrying or using many gadgets for different need. My cell phone works as my PDA, my email client, and of course as my phone. Hammacher Schlemmer has a portable navigation system that also works as portable DVD player and FM transmitter. It sports a 7” 16:9 LCD screen and preloaded with US/Canada maps with over two millions pinned out location of gas station, restaurant, and hotels. It is powered by car cigarette lighter and cost $799.95 with lifetime guarentee.

The Portable Navigation and DVD Combo [via bornrich]

It’s Girls World too, so why should the boys have all the fun?

It’s Girls World too, so why should the boys have all the fun?

This much anticipated direct to consumer site is fast-becoming a necessary online destination where the girls of the world can mix and mingle in a new online girls club hang-out with all the frills and frou frou trappings that stylish women adore and fashionistas demand.

“We recognize the web’s important role in driving women’s awareness of mobile content,” said Kristin McDonnell, CEO, LimeLife Inc. “At Limelife women can discover and purchase mobile content, including a wide selection of fashion wallpapers, subscriptions to lifestyle text messages, and a variety of entertaining games.

According to a survey conducted by the company, 30% of women who have downloaded content to their phones learned about that content through the web, making it one of the top three channels for discovery. In addition, over 30% of women who haven’t downloaded mobile content say they cannot find any that appeals to them.

Focusing on women’s mobile lifestyles, LimeLife is looking to fill this void by helping female consumers access new and compelling ways to use their mobile phones.

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PSNP Not Finished Yet?

In another setback for Sony's upcoming PlayStation 3 launch, it's been revealed that one of the console's high-profile launch titles, Tony Hawk's Project 8, won't feature an online component for Sony's new PlayStation Network Platform. According to developer Neversoft, the highly-anticipated service has yet to be completed, as Neversoft (among other developers) "still hasn't received all of the software libraries and has no indication of how the online components will work on PS3."

Thin & Fresh – Samsung’s Trace

Tomorrow sees the launch of the latest hyperthin cellphone, the Samsung Trace, and our man with a taste for the red-eye, VIncent Nguyen, is on his way there.

Exclusively available on T-Mobile's network and endearingly slender, the Trace (or T-519) is a measly .3" thick - that's half of a Motorola RAZR.

You can of course expect live photos from the launch freshly served to you here on SlashGear.

1.3 megapixel camera
Stereo Bluetooth
Quadband GSM plus EDGE
microSD card slot
music player
176×220 pixel screen with 262k colours

Knox Nano Case – it’s the Fort that Counts

As iPods keep getting smaller and prettier, they also seem to be increasingly at risk of damage.  The first-gen Nano was notorious for scratching easily, and there are already reports of its metal-bodied descendent scuffing like a cheap watch in a tumble dryer.  More than ever it's important to have a decent case to protect your tactile little friend, and that's where Mophie step in.

SanDisk Cruzer Titanium and Cruzer Micro Review

The storage capacity of USB flash drives gets bigger every day and with the huge number of models available the market is spoilt for choice; however, not all are equipped with same features and speed. In today’s review, I’m going to benchmark the Sandisk Cruzer Titanium (2GB) and Sandisk Cruzer Micro (4GB) against the OCZ Rally (2GB) and JumpDrive Lightning (2GB).

Countdown to Jan’07 – iPhone Announcement?

ThinkSecret's insiders have given everyone hoping for an Apple cellphone a good reason to circle the Macworld Expo San Francisco happening in January 2007.  After apparently having multiple issues with hardware limitations preventing a 2006 launch, Apple have apparently settled on using off-the-shelf components for the first in a range of two to three phones to be rolled out next year.

"Apple will pack several high-end features into its phone, including a 3-megapixel camera, 2.2-inch display, and complete iTunes/iPod features and integration" [ThinkSecret sources]

Perhaps the most reassuring news for anybody soured by the Motorola ROKR's paltry 100 song limit is the confirmation that the Apple phone's capacity will be limited only by the - as yet unknown - memory it has.

Sources: Apple phone on track for early '07 [ThinkSecret]

NES Alarm Clock is, um, not so great IMO

Forgive me if this is sacrilegious, but I really do think that this is crappy tat.  Yes, the original NES controller is iconic and cool and all, and yes an alarm clock is super great and very necessary for when you need to wake up, but do they have to be combined in such an aesthetically grotty way?

There's a built-in game, apparently.  Original sounds from the Mario games, too.  Oh, and Japanese instructions so it's an IQ challenge to simply use the thing.  $24.99 (including shipping) gets you it, but I wouldn't bother if I were you.

ThinkGeek [via CrunchGear]

Turning mobile phones into handheld navigation systems

Turning mobile phones into handheld navigation systems

Do you spend too much of your time in the car traveling from one appointment to another with MAPQUEST print outs in the passenger seat? Thank goodness MAPQUEST has launched a MUST-HAVE service extension to its already popular brand called MAPQUEST NAVIGATOR.

In a nutshell, MAPQUEST NAVIGATOR is a Global Position System (GPS) enabled application that provides a seamless voice guided navigational experience, turn-by-turn directions, and moving maps – all while allowing the cell phone user to receive phone calls.

Just like the more expensive in car navigation systems (priced between $600 and $2000), MAPQUEST NAVIGATOR downloads a large corridor of route information, so in the event you enter a bad cell reception area, the auto route is able to continue guidance and reroute once cell reception is reestablished.

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Multimedia and mobile blogging app

Multimedia and mobile blogging app

Taking advantage of the capacity and capability of expanding 3G networks, the WALKMAN phones also boast video conferencing capabilities, streaming video applications, GPS Bluetooth navigational capabilities, and hundreds of incredible JAVA 3D games titles that will keep users busy indefinitely.

Additionally, for the blogger happy mobile user, WALKMAN phones come pre-loaded with SHOZU’s image sharing service that enables end-users to quickly transmit camera phone videos and photos, at a high resolution, to many popular Internet blogging platforms, personal blog sites and citizen photojournalism sites, without suspending phone calls or other phone activities while the image is transferring, or having to start over if the connection is dropped. The service also enables users to add descriptions and tags either before or after uploading, and receive and reply to online comments posted at the destination sites without waiting to get to their computers.

Until Apple introduces its own branded iPhone, consumers will be hard pressed to find as good a cellular based music device. Until then, for more on iTunes compatible phones