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Microsoft Zune Pics: Bad Porn That You Can’t Stop Staring At

Well here you have them, images of the Zune in the wild.  These spies risked their lives to take these images for our viewing pleasure.  Sure they’re not the best quality, but do we care?  Absolutely not.  As blurry as the shot with the wireless setting is, it’s a gem.  In the past four years, I’ve yet to see or hope to see an iPod with that menu item.  Nor is there built-in radio receiver on the iPod.  The last picture is the most interesting of all, revealing a docking port of some sort.  So you can bet on lots of Zune accessories to come.

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M-BUZZ – Sony Ericson New Music Service

There is no doubt the success of iTunes gives the digital music industry a boost. Sony Ericson is planning to launch its own music services that will let users to purchase and download full song to phones. This service will be named M-BUZZ, and two models of Walkman Phones (The W850 and W950) will be the first models to work with this service. According to Reuters, M-Buzz will be using an enhanced PlayNow service and the Internet. No information on pricing yet.

Sony Ericsson launches new music download service [via reuters]

YouTube Talent Search for Unsigned Band

Cingular sponsors YouTube for a talent search on its site called YouTube UnderGround. Unsigned band can submit their original videos to the site from October 2nd throughout October 18th. The judges of these videos will be the site users themselves. The finalists will go on to Good Morning America, an ABC show. So bands, start your tune and who knows you might be the next big thing!

THE Ultimate Game Chair

A must-have for extreme gamers who want to increase the gaming experience multifolds, the Ultimate Game Chair is coming out in October just in time for the holiday season. Comes loaded with all the goodies such as 12 vibration motors in sync with game play, head mounted speakers, split controllers on both arms, beverage and remote control holder, ground effects lighting, folding backrest for easy storage, and on and on. Priced at $399, you can preorder online.

Via: Coolbuzz

Neuros OSD – Hardware Media Player Powered by Linux

I’ve been involved in many open source project, I know that there are many great open source application out there. Neuros took advantage of the open source platform by releasing a beta hardware called Neuros OSD, a Linux based media player and recorder hardware that is not quite complete yet. Just like any Open Source project, it is always work in progress and Neuros OSD Beta is only available to the first 200 people who order them. Neuros is willing to pay the hackers cash for their hacks and mods they made on this recorder. This player is powered by Linux kernel version 2.6.

Bounty (the rewards) :

Code your own improvements into the Open Source Neuros OSD firmware and get a cash reward.

From Neuros:
"These bounties are a community style thing that is just a modest way to put a little money back into the Neuros community as a token for our appreciation. We hope and expect for people to collaborate, split bounties and credit and share information, etc. The deliverables and rules are sketchy and the interpretation is completely subject to the whim of the selection committee"

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Nanotechnology Strom Fishing Lures Catches More Fish

For all ye fishermen out there prone to over-priced shiny lures. Coming out in October is the shiniest of them all created by the major vacuum equipment manufacturer, Ulvac. The "Strom" lure as they call it is produced using advanced nanotechnology featuring a nanocoating that makes it reflective and shiny from any angle you view it. Yes, fish like em shiny things, but I think these suckers attract more humans than fish as with most lure products on the market. However, Ulvac claims these lures, under much testing, prove to attract four times more fish. Anyhow, if you got the money, these suckers go for $25 a piece and come in two sizes, 2.4g and 3.7g.

Via: pinktentacle

New GPS device from Rand Mcnally

Rand Mcnally, the most trusted name for all your mapping and road trip needs, has released their first ever standalone GPS device called the "Rand McNally GPS Navigator". Not very creative there on the name, but the nice little system measures about 3 x 4.5 inches at about 1.4 inches thick and is packed with features you'd come to expect from the 150-year old company that knows what people need from maps. I wont list the product highlights here, but you can check it out and pick one up for $499.99 at Amazon or at the Rand McNally online store.


Unboxing Samsung SGH-T519 Trace Super-Thin Cellphone & Initial Impression

Wow! Who would have thought that a phone merely .3-inch thick and weighing only 2.5oz was capable of packing so many features. Samsung has raised the bar for thinnest, most awesome cellphone on the market. The Trace is exclusively offered through T-Mobile for $199.99, or $99.99 after instant and mail-in rebates with a two-year contract.
It features Quad-band GSM and Edge, Stereo Bluetooth, 1.3-megapixel camera, microSD card slot, hands free speakerphone, picture caller-id, and MP3 music player. The Trace has a uniquely larger, landscape oriented 262K color TFT display. This type of screen orientation is not too common to this form factor. Samsung claims a long talk time of 6-hours and up to 8 days of standby time; I’m still extremely skeptical. You can rest assured that I’ll be keeping a close eye on the battery usage.

Universal Drops Blu-ray Support

Even more bad news for Sony (these poor guys simply can't catch a break, can they?), as Universal Studios has announced that they will no longer be supporting Sony's Blu-ray DVD format, opting instead for the competing HD-DVD technology. Between the PS3 Europe delay announcement, the Japanese/US PS3 quantity slash, and now Universal's public slamming of their next-generation DVD format has turned this into one bad week for Sony.

Vaja E61 case reviewed

So you've impressed your friends, family and even yourself with your new Nokia E61.  They marvel at its thumb keyboard, gasp at its bright, clear screen, coo with appreciative glee at the slick menus and operation.

And then you drop it on the floor and it gets a ruddy great scratch across it.  All of a sudden, nobody invites you to parties anymore.  Elderly women spit at you in the street.

Andrew Liszewski is a lucky E61 owner and also pretty damn careful about not letting his cellular pride and joy come to any harm.  Having stored it in an old iPaq case at first, he has eventually given it the respect it deserves and invested in a Vaja leather case.

Is it any good?  Is $60 a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a case?  Do sheep have hidden compartments where they store knitting needles?  Two of these questions are answered in Andrew's lovely review.

Vaja Nokia E61 Leather Case [OhGizmo!]