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Tiny DV Cam for Discrete Moments

There are always going to be times when you need to discretely film something.  Perhaps you suspect your nanny of stealing from the cookie jar, or believe your wife to be molesting the postman.  So it's a soft slice of relief that you can now buy a digital video camera that's the size of a USB memory stick.

Okay, so with 2mb of on-board memory you're not going to be able to record much footage of your missus and the mailman, but at least you can expand it with SD or MMC memory cards.  And you should probably look beyond the 12fps-VGA-at-best quality to the... um... 300k CCD.  Yeah, the quality is pretty shabby.  But it's SMALL, yeah, SMALL!

Minimum order of 300, so you might have to get together with some friends before placing an order.

Holide product page [via The Red Ferret Journal]


Sprint has reached its next Mobile Broadband milestone today with the introduction of the Novatel S720 Mobile Broadband Connection Card – the nation’s first EV-DO Revision A-capable device. Designed to operate on today’s Sprint Power Vision Network, the card will also support advanced mobile broadband speeds when Sprint begins its EV-DO Revision A rollout later this year. Some other key information to note about Sprint Mobile Broadband services:

  • With the introduction of the Novatel S720 Sprint is becoming even easier to do business with, as customers signing a two year service agreement no longer need a separate voice plan to receive the promotional Unlimited Connection Card data plan of $59.99 per month.
  • Once available, Sprint’s advanced Mobile Broadband service (EV-DO Revision A) will deliver faster speeds for a mobile DSL experience.
  • Sprint plans to reach more than 200 million people in the U.S. with mobile broadband data services (both EV-DO Revisions 0 and A) in 220 major metropolitan areas by the end of 2006.

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Vertu Aerius Bluetooth Headset

Buying the new Aerius BT headset from Vertu may cost you an ear if the price is anything like their uber-expensive phones.  It’s now confirmed that the famous designer Jacob Jensen is the designer of the Aerius headset.  Using this new headset is extremely easy; even a caveman can do it.  Yes, it does have background noise reduction, but there’s no mentioning of wind guard.  If you need to know the price, then chances are you can afford this headset.

Vertu Aerius Bluetooth Headset [via sybarites]

Aiptek My Note Digital Notepad

Aiptek is announcing the My Note Digital Notepad this weekend at the IFA in Berlin.  It’s a digital notepad for taking notes, doodle or capture whatever info you need, anywhere and anytime.  Information is digitally stored and processed later on your PC.  Battery life is around 20 hours on full charge.  No word on price, but If I had to guess, it’ll be rough $150 USD.

My Note Digital Notepad Product Page [via]

Daily Wrap-up for 08/28/2006

I love Monday mornings! It seems like all the best news is saved up to run on Mondays. A hi-res image of the highly anticipated SIRIUS Stiletto portable satellite radio surfaced as well as a retail spec sheet. The Blackberry Pearl 8100 retail box surfaced as well, along with dates. CrunchGear scored some juicy, but not so earth shattering specs of the Treo 750. And finally, Google Apps is official. Lastly, the winner of Nokia’s design competition created one hell of a concept phone (image on the right and video below).

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Video: HTC Artemis Pocket PC Phone Featuring GPS and Trackball

The trackball featured on the HTC Artemis Pocket PC is extremely unique.  This implementation is the first I’ve seen on any handset or PDAs (that I can recall).  Thanks to Bengalboy’s brief video, we get a glimpse of how the Trackball works.  In a nutshell, this is a quad-band handset with features like GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, EDGE, microSD slot, and a moderate size 1250 mAh battery.  It's ashame HTC left out the QWERTY keyboard.

Philips READUS Prototype Flexible E-Paper Reader

Get ready to be impressed because this is the first ever real working prototype of an electronic reader based on a flexible e-paper. The READUS is essentially a 5-inch screen that runs at 320x240 pixels that rolls up just like a scroll. The screen is by E-Ink Corporation, and basically uses power to change the state. The display uses very little power and is easy to read at night or even bright daylight. When you’re done reading, just roll it up.

[flv][/flv]Philips READUS Prototype Flexible E-Paper Reader

Philips READUS [TechEBlog]

Windows Vista May Cost an Arm and a Leg

Not only have we been waiting, and waiting for Windows Vista to hit the stores, there's info that lead me to believe upgrading to Windows Vista Ultimate edition would cost roughly $449USD and 449 CAD.  Wow!  Now this could be incorrect since the prices did become available through a fluke in the Microsoft Canada Page.  Lets all hope that these prices will drop "some" as it gets closer to launch.

FULL versions (all prices Canadian)

Windows Vista Ultimate $499

Windows XP Professional w/SP2 $429

Windows Vista Business $379

Windows Vista Home Premium $299

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Sierra Wireless introduces AirCard 597E EV-DO Revision A ExpressCard

AirCard 597E brings new form factor and features to the company’s flagship AirCard product line

August 28, 2006

Vancouver, British Columbia – Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR - TSX: SW) today announced the introduction of its ExpressCard product line, with the upcoming AirCard® 597E wireless wide area network card for EV-DO Revision A networks. Built for notebook computers with ExpressCard expansion slots, the AirCard 597E will be fully compliant with network operator requirements and will offer user-friendly features such as Assisted GPS (aGPS) location based services; a robust, fixed antenna design; and an external antenna jack for flexibility and improved reception in fringe coverage areas or for specialized applications. The AirCard 597E is expected to begin shipping in the first quarter of 2007. ExpressCard models for HSDPA networks are expected to follow later in the year.

ABI research estimates that adoption of the ExpressCard standard for PC card slots will be significant in 2007, shipping in 45 percent of laptops sold, up from 10 percent in 2006*. Sierra Wireless will also continue to produce AirCard products in the Type II PC Card form factor to serve the established base of notebook users with PC Card slots. For those with PC Card slots who wish to purchase an ExpressCard product in anticipation of an upcoming notebook upgrade, the company will offer an ExpressCard-to-PC Card adapter accessory.
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Philips TSU960 Pronto Professional Is the Mother of ALL-Remote

UPDATE 09072006: Philips Pronto Professional TSU9600 Flash Presentation and New Pronto Line

The Pronto mega remote is not your household regular old remote control. The TSU-9600 features everything from a 3.7-inch VGA (640x480 pixel) touch screen display, PC macro downloads, voice recognition, IR and wireless extenders. It’s expected to be announced at the CEDIA Expo in a few short weeks, so check back for updates.

In Living Color: Photo of Philips Pronto Professional [via RemoteShoppe]

More Bad PS3 News: GPU Clock Speeds Cut

In yet another round of bad news for Sony and hopefuly PlayStation 3 owners everywhere, Sony has had to hack away at one of the upcoming console's key features; the GPU clock speeds. NVIDIA's RSX graphics processor, which was originally set to run at 550 MHz (for the processor) and 700 MHz (for the memory), has seen its speed cut down to 500/650, representing an 8% drop in the GPU's overall speed. While, at first glance, this drop seems negligible, it's just one more thing bringing down the power of Sony's new "super" console.

Motorola Announces the ROKR E2

Singapore, 28 August 2006 -- Motorola has launched in Singapore the Motorola ROKR E2 – the newest member of the company’s ROKR family of music-optimized mobile handsets. Designed for the music enthusiast who wants to carry one device, ROKR E2 lets you take hundreds of your must-have music selections with you – and delivers a world-class wireless communications experience.

Delivering a powerful mobile music experience, the Motorola ROKR E2 lets you switch seamlessly between phone calls and music play lists simply by touching a button. Based on a Linux operating system to enhance speed and flexibility, ROKR E2 also features a robust MP3 player compatible with a variety of different audio formats – making this mobile handset a powerful example of what it means to be “the device formerly known as the cell phone.”

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