CyperPower and Maingear offer Intel Z68 chipset gaming PCs and workstations

May 11, 2011

I mentioned this morning that Asus had a couple new mainboards that used the Intel Z68 chipset inside. Asus isn't the only company that is offering the new chipset today. Gaming computer markers Maingear and CyberPower have both announced new desktop computers that use the Z68 chipset. The desktops are available as gaming rigs and as workstations for the office. The new chipset brings some of the same features that the Asus mainboard offers.

One of the coolest features of the chipset is the SSD caching that lets the user take advantage of a SSD to cache things and speed up HDD access using Intel Smart Response technology. The new feature needs no special connectors or cables. Maingear will offer the new chipset on mainboard inside machines with NVIDIA or ATI grahics with single and multiple GPU configurations offered.

CyberPower is also using the new chipset in its offerings. In addition to the SSD caching feature, the new boards will also support Lucid LucidLogix Virtual GPU virtualization software. The new chipset will land in CyberPower Z68-bases gaming machines with Sandy Bridge CPUs starting at $699. The PowerMega series starts at $1199.

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