CyberTouch ORION Touchscreen – 32″ of loveliness

Chris Davies - Oct 12, 2006
CyberTouch ORION Touchscreen – 32″ of loveliness

I know what you're thinking: who is this tiny woman, and where did she get that lovely, thin-bezel UMPC prototype?  You daft goose, that's a perfectly full-sized woman (at least to midway up her chest - we can only guess what's going on underneath that) jabbing myopically at CyberTouch's 32" ORION LCD touchscreen.

Using what looks to be an LG LCD panel with a resistive (i.e. Passive) touchscreen layer on top, the monster input device connects to your PC either by USB or RS232 serial.  You could then use it to display a ridiculously huge keyboard for operating a simple DOS prompt, as our friendly model appears to be doing, or actually take advantage of it and, I don't know, wire up your house and use it to automate the heck out of everything.

CyberTouch ORION

$4,280 seems a small price to pay, though of course it isn't.  It is, in fact, quite a lot of money.

CyberTouch ORION product page [via Gizmag]

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