Crytek and DeNA announce launch of The Collectables

Mar 24, 2014
Crytek and DeNA announce launch of The Collectables

In late December of 2013, we mentioned that Crytek and DeNA had teamed up on a mobile game that would be launching sometime this year. That mobile game was called The Collectables. The Collectables is a tactical action game that promises impressive graphics. Coming from the studio behind Crysis, high-end graphics are expected.

The game has players putting together a squad of mercenaries. Each of the soldiers in the squad can be controlled via a third-person system. Players can upgrade their squads via a collecting card system that allows the player to unlock new ways to destroy the enemy.

The game is available as a free download for the iPhone and iPad on the App Store right now. The game will be coming for Android gamers down the road. Android fans can pre-register for details on the game.

Those that pre-register will get an exclusive version of the in-game character called Reload when the game ships. Presumably, the game is supported by in-app purchases.

SOURCE: The Collectables

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