Crowd Buster shoots massive cloud of pepper spray and blue dye to disperse crowds

Sep 2, 2011

There has been a number of new non-lethal items for police and military use that I have run across lately. When the rioting was at its strongest in London the Crowd Buster may have been just the thing the police needed to get the looters to leave. This device looks like some sort of flamethrower mated with a mosquito fogger. It's actually a rig that is used to spray giant clouds of pepper spray tinted with blue dye.

That dye won't come off the people hosed with it for about three weeks apparently. The Crowd Buster comes in a backpack style that can be worn or carried and a larger style that can be mounted on a truck or ATV. Either version can shoot a micro pelletized fog or directed stream up to 150-feet from the user. The other canister with the fiber weave is for compressed air.

The canister can be reloaded in a few seconds apparently. I guess this thing will work well as long as the users are downwind from the rioters otherwise they might be Crowd Busting themselves. If the crowd is packing a Crowd Buster Buster, in this case a fan, things might not work as well either.


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