CoolIT Launches MTEC Docking Station for Intel Core 2 Extreme based laptops

Aug 20, 2008

CoolIT is launching the MTEC Docking Station for Intel Core 2 Extreme Mobile processor-based laptops today at IDF. This docking station is more than average, giving a 40 watt cooling boost to your laptop, resulting in a decrease in temperature by 10 degrees.

This MTEC docking station can allow you to overclock while keeping your laptop nice and cool. According to its press release, this latest CoolIT offering has the following features:

• CoolIT’s MTEC Technology – An efficient, Thermoelectric design manages airflow by
pumping chilled air directly into the laptop’s existing CPU and GPU intakes while guiding all
heat exhaust through the rear of the dock.
• Full Software Control –CoolIT’s MTEC Control Center software allows users to customize
performance based on cooling power vs. desired acoustic levels. Control GPU cooling
independent from CPU cooling. The software also provides detailed, real-time readouts for
chilled air supplies.
• Noise Reduction – Low noise airflow design to accelerate heat dissipation without the
acoustic penalty.

This is good news for gamers that want that extra push in performance.

[Thanks Matt!]

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