Cool Pop-up Microlites make your remote control light up

Nov 23, 2010

One of the things I really like about my Logitech Harmony One remote is that the keys are backlit. That way I can see what button I am hitting even in the dark. If you are using the factory remote that came with your TV or cable box, odds are you are having to strain to see what button you are hitting.

A new accessory for your remote control has surfaced called the Pop-up Microlight. The thing is a small light that sticks onto the bottom of your remote. When you press it down in the closed position, it is turned off. When you press it and it pops into the up position the light comes on.

The idea is that the little LED light lets you see the buttons easily. You can get a single Pop-up Microlite for $9.99 and three of them for $19.99. The integrated battery is good for up to 3-years and it attaches with included 3M tape.

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