Consumer Cellular offers mobile phone subtitles for hearing impaired

Nov 9, 2010

When I go to the gym, I don't like to wear headphones because I always end up clanking things together without realizing it. I watch the TVs on some of the equipment and end up reading subtitles since I can't hear the sound. I can appreciate the difficulty that those with a hearing problem have not only watching TV but also communicating with people using a phone.

Consumer Cellular has announced a new service that runs only on the Nokia E5 handset that makes it easier for the hearing impaired to communicate using the mobile phone. The new service is called Mobile Captions Service or MCS. The service works a lot like those subtitles on TV where the call can be heard and the user can look at the screen of the E5 and read what is being said as well.

The E5 phone the service is supported on is also hearing aid compatible. I wonder if the service is at least as accurate as the captions on TVs. Every time I read them on TV, the captions end up missing some words and some are not what the person is actually saying.

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