Concept nutcracker uses gravity and metal to do the deed

Aug 19, 2010

When I was a kid, we used to pick up all the pecans behind my grandmother's house and mostly we threw them at each other's heads. On occasion, we would try to crack them for a snack. Typically, that involved stomping on them until the shell broke and we could eat the nut.

Most nutcrackers today are metal things that look like pliers and crush the nuts. A new concept nutcracker has been designed that looks like some sort of nut free baser's bong. The thing has a tall glass tube.

You drop the nut into the bottom of that tube where it sits on a metal base. You then drop a metal weight down the tube and crush the nut to break off the shell. That seems like an ornate way to do it when you could just stomp it or throw it at your brother's head to crack it.

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