Concept Desktop Computer Prints and Scans from Inside Monitor

Nov 26, 2010

So you've got the need for some hard-copies of your papers to turn into your teachers for school, but you'd like to save space on the desk as well? Designer Byeong Min Choe has the answer you seek. This design is called "Document Extractor" and, looking like an iMac clone but with one giant difference, allows you to store a stack of paper in a tray behind it, and print, with the paper coming directly out the bottom. Not only that, the same place the paper comes out can also suck up, scanning single sheets of paper for you on the fly.

This screen will be entirely touch-based as well, allowing you to crop and print portions of your screen using some sort of print/scan application. Choe aims for this computer to be a big time saver as it might be able to not only cut out the amount of devices you need sitting on your desk, but also the amount of time you need to move back and forth from different applications for each device. Sounds sweet?

[Via YankoDesign]

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