Computer casemod puts gaming rig in a bomb disposal robot

Dec 9, 2010

Geeks and their gaming computers are a one of those combinations that can result in some strange and wonderful mashups. Take this case mod for instance, a geek took his liquid cooled gaming rig and wrapped the machine into a remote controlled beast that looks like some sort of military bomb disposal robot to me.

Grafted on the remote control chassis are a plastic gun for fragging dust bunnies and robotic arm for holding your headphones. The robot case is on a platform that uses rubber belts of some sort for motivation tank style.

The case at the heart of the design is a Thermaltake Level 10. The machine is dubbed the Rog-R and was designed by Stephen LeatherFace Popa. The thing is really cool, even if it's massive. I wonder if it has enough power to tow a game geek in his rolling office chair to and from the bathroom.

Via TechEBlog

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