Company of Heroes 2 beta heads to second phase

Apr 16, 2013

Last month we mentioned that the video game Company of Heroes 2 had entered closed beta. The closed beta gave players a chance to get a sneak peak at the multiple player and skirmish game play modes of the game. During the initial closed beta, players had to have special beta access keys.

The beta period for the video game has now entered the second phase making it easier for players who are interested in the game to get into the action. All players have to do to be offered access to the second phase of the closed beta is to click the like button on the official Company of Heroes 2 Facebook page. Clicking the like button on that page will send the player to be key generation tool.

That special beta key is needed to gain access to the video game closed beta session. The closed beta is still being hosted via Steam and players will need the free Steam client to redeem the key and play the game. During the second phase of the beta, players will still get to compete in the multiple player and skirmish game play modes.

Beta phase 2 offers access to six maps and the ability to play alone or with teammates against the AI. Players have access to the first 40 levels of progression for the game and the ability to customize load outs to suit their play style. Company of Heroes 2 will be available for PC gamers in June of 2013.

[via Company of Heroes]

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