Colorful offers special edition NVIDIA GTX460 dubbed iGame460 Commemorative Edition

Dec 29, 2010

When it comes to shopping for video cards the bundle often is what sways a gamer to purchase one brand over another. The video cards themselves are typically identical. A company called Colorful has a new commemorative edition of the NVIDIA GTX460 that comes crammed inside its own silver suitcase.

The video card is officially called the iGame460 Commemorative Edition. The card has the silver case I mentioned that looks like a metal camera case to me. Inside the case is foam to protect the cool video card with custom cutouts to help the card and the accessories it comes with. There will only be 50 of these special edition cards offered globally.

It comes with a HDMI output line, hand-painted sign, something called a network snake power cord, and the Air-kit aero, which is some sort of customizable cooling solution. That little spike looking thing appears to be an extra heat pipe you can use on the card if you want. The card has 2GB of RAM and has a core clock of 890MHz and a memory clock of 4000MHz. Colorful is mum on pricing and availability.

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