Cirago and PlayOn stream internet and personal video to your TV

Oct 19, 2010

The maker of a hardware set top streaming boxes called Cirago and streaming content provider PlayOn have announced that they have teamed up to offer access to your personal media library and access to popular web streaming content on your TV. The content will stream to your set via the Cirago CMC3000, CMC1000, and CMC2000 media players.

The available web content includes Netflix, YouTube, Amazon VOD and the big one for me - Hulu. For some reason a lot of the streaming devices out there don't offer Hulu access. Hulu is the only streaming provider that I really care to watch most days. Cirago has added the service offerings via PlayOn to its Cirago TV Platinum CMC3000 that can be had in 1TB or 500GB storage capacities.

The device also has integrated network storage capability and a BitTorrent client to download peer-to-peer movies and music files. The media players support 1080p resolution and the CMC3000 has time shift capability to record and playback live TV shows. The PlayOn service costs $19.99 for the first year for a limited time and the normal price is $39.99.

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