ChumbyBot bipedal robot: when widgets take over the world [Video]

Oct 12, 2010

Chumby was made for hacking, and so we probably shouldn't be too surprised to see one sprout legs and start its gradual path to world domination.  Eric Gregori of EMG Robotics has developed a bipedal walking ChumbyBot by pairing the touchscreen Chumby One with a Freescale MMA7455l controller board.

That board is soon going to be commercially launched as part of the Tower Robot/Sensor board from EMG, working with the company's RobotSee and Robot Vision Toolkit to make for easy vision-based navigation and control.  It's also apparently easy to code for, using the same sort of language as BASIC.

Video demo after the cut

The prototype shown here has a cluster of touch and vision sensors, but the Tower Robot/Sensor board will also be able to control generic RC servos, read various types of sensors, and interface to i2c or spi devices.

[youtube uBMvGDectjk]

[via bunniestudios]

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