Chinese gamer reportedly pays $677 per minute for IMAX-style big screen play

Nov 24, 2010

For most people, catching up with their gaming while out shopping usually involves a PSP or DSi in their coat pocket. That's not enough for everyone, however. A Chinese gamer reportedly paid RMB 45,000 ($6,768) for 10 minutes of gameplay on the "Sky Screen", a 250 x 30 meter display on the ceiling of a downtown Beijing shopping center.

According to spectators, the gamer - said to be known as "Fire", and the leader of a local games clan - played Chinese MMORPG "Devil 2" for the period, reclining in a chair underneath the vast display. After ten minutes, the screen went off and "Fire" left; staff at the shopping center have apparently confirmed that he was indeed playing an online game.

Beyond that, the whole thing gets a bit mysterious. No official statement (or, indeed, bragging) has come from the gamer himself, and there's speculation that the entire thing was a stunt by the Devil 2 PR team. They've denied it, however, leaving many online commenters in the country reacting negatively to what they see as a needless demonstration of wealth.

[via Gadgets Republic]

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