Cellphone Dryer Box from Japan Will Dry Your Cellphone, Perhaps Save it From Doom

Aug 12, 2010

You probably own a cellphone. You may have even managed to drop it in some water of some kind; or, in any way shape or form, managed to get some moisture and your precious gadget way too close for comfort. Considering how many water hazards there are in every day life, there'd be no surprise if anyone managed to lose a device here and there. But, fear not! Thanks to some Japanese folks across the pond, there are dryer boxes popping up in local shops throughout Tokyo, which can (up to a point) save your moist device.

As you can tell from the picture, the Dryer Box doesn't look all that complicated. After all, it's a white cube, with a digital read-out. If you didn't know what it is and you saw it in a shop, you might not even give it a second glance. But, with this little box, there's definitely a big secret inside. The boxes have been showing up in Yodobashi Camera shops all over Tokyo recently, and they only cost $12.

There's no detailed schematics here, so we're not exactly sure how they get the job done, but if you're handset does come into contact with a bit of water, and you've managed to pull the battery out before any permanent damage could be done, then this guy will give you some extra life. And, it only costs $12 -- and that's only if your device gets saved.

[via DVICE]

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