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Google was once $6 billion away from owning Tesla

In May of 2013, we reported Tesla and Google were working together on some sort of self-driving car. It may have been more than that; a new report says in 2013, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Google boss Larry Page were in talks for Google to buy Tesla for as much as $6 billion. Musk was apparently dictating terms, asking … Continue reading

Cadillac CT6 to get Plug-in hybrid tech

Cadillac is talking up its coming range topping vehicle called the CT6. The car will have plug-in hybrid technology to make the vehicle more fuel-efficient. Cadillac says that the PHEV system used in the car is expected to get fuel economy more than double that of a conventional engine.

Porsche is also getting Apple Watch integration

Porsche seems to really be exercising its Apple connections. Just yesterday we saw the car maker officially added to the roster of names that will be sporting Apple’s formal entry into the in-vehicle systems, CarPlay. Now, the news is that there will be more Apple love on the way. When? well, when the Apple Watch officially lands on your wrists. … Continue reading

Spindle grille makes its way to the 2016 Lexus ES sedan

Lexus just loves is spindle grille, even if many absolutely hate it. It is staying steadfast in its decision to keep the design alive indefinitely. But it’s doing more than keeping it alive. It’s also spreading it further. Now the controversial grille design is making its way to the car maker’s midsize sedan, starting with the 2016 Lexus ES. But … Continue reading

Porsche adding Apple CarPlay to its future models

Shortly after Apple CEO Tim Cook boasted that all of the world’s major car makers had committed to offering CarPlay, the company’s infotainment system, Germany’s luxury sports car manufacturer Porsche is also confirmed to be supporting the iOS-based platform in its future models. While a formal announcement from either Apple or Porsche was never made, the automaker was quietly added … Continue reading

First Drives and Reviews

2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Review

The Alfa Romeo 4C is spectacular, an exotic “baby Ferrari” that has taken me from point A to point B with more than the normal diversions in-between, and with a permanent grin from ear to ear. First astonishing US drivers in rarefied (and, at nearly $70k, more expensive) Launch Edition form, but finally available with a base price starting at … Continue reading

2016 Fiat 500X first-drive – America’s grown-up Italian

If the Fiat 500 is an icon reborn, then why wouldn’t people want even more of an icon on their driveway? That’s the question the 2016 Fiat 500X arrives to address, slotting with Italian panache into the fashionable urban crossover segment. As the little-loved 500L demonstrated, however, there’s more to taking a popular city car and breaking it free of … Continue reading

2016 Acura ILX first-drive – Luxury chasing loyalty

There’s an odd dance to be followed when, as Acura is with the 2016 ILX, you’re launching a revamped version of an existing car. On the one hand, you want to highlight just how improved it is over its predecessor; on the other, you can’t be too critical, because then drivers start asking why you were so enthusiastic – and … Continue reading

Driving Toyota i-ROAD: Crazy tilt meets genius strategy

Who says electric cars have to be boring? Toyota’s Prius may be poster child for the eco-pious, but its i-ROAD tilting trike shows there’s still potential for madness in the EV. SlashGear is no stranger to the i-ROAD, and in fact we’ve driven earlier prototypes over in Japan before now. They’re less commonly found in the US, however, but Makoto … Continue reading


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