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Ford slashes Focus Electric sticker amid tougher EV fight

Ford has slashed the price of the Focus Electric for the second time in less than eighteen months, as it tries to keep the electric car competitive against increasingly affordable rivals from Nissan and others. The EV had launched as a conversion of the regular gas Focus back in 2011, slowly spreading in availability across most of the US, though … Continue reading

Dodge just priced up its crazy 707 HP Charger SRT Hellcat

Dodge has been on a roll with indecently powerful supercharged cars that can take on genuine supercar exotica at a fraction of the price, and that looks likely to continue with the 2015 Charger SRT Hellcat getting priced up today. The 707 HP sedan, more powerful than Porsche’s Panamera, was revealed back in August as the four-door follow-up to the … Continue reading

Lexus prices up 2015 NX and RC F

Lexus has priced up its new NX baby-SUV for 2015, as well as putting a final tag on its slinky RC F coupe, as it prepares to take on its German rivals and shed what remains of its stuffy, anonymous image. The 2015 NX, which we drove back in July, distills the company’s larger RX SUV into something a little … Continue reading

Ford shows off pair of 2015 F-150 trucks bound for SEMA

If you are a fan of trucks, you are probably aware that Ford has made a significant change to its incredibly popular F-150 truck for the 2015 model year. The major change that the automaker has made is moving to an all aluminum body allowing the truck to shed 700 pounds for increased fuel economy and performance. Ford is showing … Continue reading

Chevy shows off SEMA cars ahead of Nov 4 show opening

SEMA is held each year in Las Vegas and the show brings out some of the coolest cars in the world. Some of the cars have style alone while others have style and impressive performance. Chevrolet is showing off some of its cars that will be on display at SEMA and all are performance inspired and show off accessories that … Continue reading

UberPLUS arrives as higher-end ridesharing option

Ridesharing services have replaced taxi use for many, and while the average car you encounter through one of the services will likely be more pleasant than your average yellow taxi, it still might not be up to your standards for certain events: dates, business meetings, and other notable occasions. For this reason, Uber has introduced a new service that falls … Continue reading

First Drives and Reviews

SlashGear to race against piloted Audi RS 7 at Hockenheimring

Automobile development has traditionally progressed on separate paths that only ever so rarely dipped into another’s territory. That is most especially true when it comes to developments in driver assistance and autonomous driving technologies, more often than not geared towards sedans and consumer models. Audi, however, is pushing the boundaries with the RS 7, the world’s sportiest piloted driving car, … Continue reading

2015 Ford F-150 First Drive: The big aluminum risk

The stakes are high when you’re redesigning the best-selling vehicle in America, and you could’ve perhaps forgiven Ford for taking a low-key approach to the 2015 F-150. Instead, however, the new truck aims for a trio of improvements (and companion challenges): an all-new aluminum body and box that needs to convince traditionalists that steel isn’t the only metal; a new … Continue reading

2015 Honda CR-V first-drive: Small SUV, Big Evolution

The CR-V is a big deal for Honda, and the compact SUV’s redesign for 2015 reflects that. Described as “the most ambitious mid-cycle update in the car’s history,” this is no simple facelift: new engine, new interior design, and a splash of new safety and convenience tech mean that much of the best-selling car has changed. In a competitive segment, … Continue reading

2015 Ford Mustang First Drive: Pony Car rebooted

Being an uncontested icon in the automotive world is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, there’s the cachet and instant attention that comes with legendary status. The flip-side, as Ford has discovered with the brand new 2015 Ford Mustang, is that it’s incredibly tough – if not impossible – to please every fan, every time. Hell hath … Continue reading

2015 Kia Soul EV First-Drive: A new city-car star

Kia’s 2015 Soul EV may look cute, but the company isn’t playing around when it comes to its first all-electric car for the US market. Based on the hit Soul city car, but dumping the gas engines for a torquey electric powertrain, the Soul EV may be following the Leaf, 500e, and Focus EV to market, but its clearly used … Continue reading

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