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Aston Martin’s Lagonda superluxe sedan is a heartbreaker

Back in July when Aston Martin said it would resurrect the Lagonda name for a super-luxe sedan targeting its heaviest spenders, we only had a couple of shadowy images to go by. Now, the Lagonda is making its official – pictorial – debut at the Paris Auto Show, and we’re back to wondering what dark, unseemly acts we’d need to … Continue reading

VW’s crazy XL Sport concept packs a Ducatti bike engine

Somebody clearly forgot to give Volkswagen its medication, because the company’s latest XL Sport concept car is quite the oddity. At 197 HP it’s certainly not the most powerful model in the company’s line-up – you get get a Golf with more grunt – but then again those cars don’t use the 1199 cc two-cylinder engine from the Ducati 1199 … Continue reading

Tesla powers-up its first UK airport Supercharger

Tesla has opened its first Supercharger station at a UK airport, offering free power to Model S owners, though it’s not where you might expect. Edinburgh Airport, in Scotland, is where you’ll find the two-bay charging facility, rather than any of the bigger locations like Heathrow Airport.

Uber for Business arrives internationally

This past summer Uber launched its Uber for Business offering in North America, targeting businesses specifically to get them on-board for employee transportation. Now users in places where Uber serves outside of the US and Canada can also take advantage of the service, with it rolling out globally.

First Drives and Reviews

2015 Honda CR-V first-drive: Small SUV, Big Evolution

The CR-V is a big deal for Honda, and the compact SUV’s redesign for 2015 reflects that. Described as “the most ambitious mid-cycle update in the car’s history,” this is no simple facelift: new engine, new interior design, and a splash of new safety and convenience tech mean that much of the best-selling car has changed. In a competitive segment, … Continue reading

2015 Ford Mustang First Drive: Pony Car rebooted

Being an uncontested icon in the automotive world is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, there’s the cachet and instant attention that comes with legendary status. The flip-side, as Ford has discovered with the brand new 2015 Ford Mustang, is that it’s incredibly tough – if not impossible – to please every fan, every time. Hell hath … Continue reading

2015 Kia Soul EV First-Drive: A new city-car star

Kia’s 2015 Soul EV may look cute, but the company isn’t playing around when it comes to its first all-electric car for the US market. Based on the hit Soul city car, but dumping the gas engines for a torquey electric powertrain, the Soul EV may be following the Leaf, 500e, and Focus EV to market, but its clearly used … Continue reading

2015 Audi S3 Sedan First-Drive

You can’t accuse Audi of playing it low-key with the A3 series. From the core sedan, fundamentally designed to tickle American tastes, comes a car family that spans electric-gasoline hybrids through to this, the performance S3 Sedan. Hottest of the range, and certainly the most striking in appearance, the S3 pairs Audi’s legendary Quattro all-wheel-drive with a 292 HP 2.0-liter … Continue reading

Happy Hydrogen: Up close with Toyota’s 2015 FCV

Toyota isn’t quite full of hot air with its latest car, but it’s not far off. The Toyota FCV relies on hydrogen – a gas, but not gasoline – for its get-up-and-go, and though the commercial release isn’t expected until next year, that hasn’t stopped the new sedan from starting a quiet tour in eco-conscious California. It brought along some … Continue reading

2015 Audi A3 e-tron First Drive

Say hello to the newest member of Audi’s A3 lineup for 2015: the A3 Sportback e-tron. Sure, at first glance it may look just like a regular A3 Sportback, but don’t let that fool you: this one’s special. As with many things in life, two is better than one; so, aside from a regular 1.4 TSFI engine there’s also a … Continue reading

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