Canon unveils new wide format printer for office muckety mucks

Aug 20, 2009

Once upon a time, I had a real job where I had to do horrible things like really work and wear pants to the office. Among the horrible things I had to do was schlep down to the local copy store when the boss wanted some large format document printed.

Unfortunately, my boss was also really cheap and wouldn't just spring for a printer to use in our office. If your boss isn’t so cheap and you need a wide format printer, Canon has pulled the covers off a new one called the iX7000. The printer can handle paper up to 11" x 17" or 13" x 19".

The ink used in the system is clear and the printer has five pigment reservoirs that are used to color the clear ink for printing. The clear ink and pigment system means the document won't wrinkle or be oversaturated according to Canon. Other features include Ethernet connectivity, and 3-way paper feed. The printer can produce color documents at 8.1 pages per minute and black and white docs at 10.2 pages a minute. The printer will sell for $399.99 when it launches.

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