Cabela’s ColorPhase temperature sensitive color changing camouflage matches the season

Dec 17, 2013

If you are an avid hunter or if you just like to wear camo clothing, you will be familiar with the name Cabela's. The company makes all sorts of camouflage clothing and other accessories for hunting and outdoors. Cabela's has announced a very cool new line of camo clothing called ColorPhase that will save hunters some money.

Rather than having to purchase green camo for warmer weather and brown for cooler weather, ColorPhase offers both patterns in one product. ColorPhase clothing has pigments that change colors depending on the temperature. When the temperatures are below 65F, the fabric has colors that are made to mimic the browner vegetation.

When temperatures are warmer, the fabric has a lot more green to help it match the environment. In some environments, 65F for the color change may be a bit off. In Texas, you can have 70-degree days in the middle of winter with nothing but brown trees around you.

Cabela's is offering a line of jackets, overalls, hats, and gloves among other things that use the ColorPhase tech. The gear is also offered in patterns that match the environments in different parts of the country. Pricing ranges to about $80 on the high end for the gear.

SOURCE: Discovery

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