Buoyancy Launcher Hurls Life Preserver up to 150 Meters to Save Lives

Oct 5, 2010

As far as a life preserver goes, there's probably not much room where things need to get improved. A ring that saves lives. But, what about the times where someone might be floating just out of your throwing range? That life preserver is only as good as far as it can be thrown. So, that's why this new life preserver launcher is such a great idea.

It was designed by Samuel Adeloju, and he managed to win $16,000 at this year's annual James Dyson Awards. As you can probably imagine, he won it in the category of design. Adeloju's idea has it that the launcher would be able to launch the life preserver up to 150 meters from the boat, so the need to throw the ring of life saving goodness wouldn't be an issue anymore. But, it's not just a life preserver it's throwing. It's actually hurling a condensed bullet of hydrophobic foam, that expands and turns into a floating preservation unit as soon as it hits the water. Word has it that this idea will actually be showing up in commercial boats soon enough.

[via DVICE]

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