Boomf prints Instagram photos on marshmallows, merges the confectionery and digital

Nov 29, 2013

Sharing images has become an increasingly streamlined process over the years -- pull out a smartphone, take a picture, upload it to Instagram or a similar service and perhaps tag friends you want to notice it. If you find that such a process has become dull, there's now another option: confectionery printing onto cube-shaped marshmallows, which can then be offered to others.

The service is being offered by Boomf, which says that it is offering "confectionery for the digital age," making the Internet "more lickable, pokeable, sniffable." Such a mission sounds dubious, but the company accomplishes it by bringing your Instagram photos to the real world on the backs of unwitting marshmallows.

Each order gets you a box of nine custom-printed marshmallows, so choose carefully (each box is £12, free shipping). The replication is surprisingly close to the real image, though you're getting the sugar-coated, crackled version that looks visually similar to a Polaroid from days gone by. Still, the novelty is intriguing, and with the holidays upon us, such a gift could make for a memorable stocking stuffer.

You can print any image you want, but the company recommends avoiding pics with a lot of dark areas. Says Boomf: "Instagram lets you share your memories, but Boomf makes sharing even sweeter. And squidgier. If Willy Wonka and Proust had a brainstorm, we reckon they'd have drawn some Boomfs on a napkin. Maybe."

VIA: MediaBistro

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