BOGO at T-Mobile USA, Buy One Smartphone or Samsung Galaxy Tab, Get a Smartphone Free!

Nov 22, 2010

Not just ANY smartphone, of course, and there's a catch: Starting Black Friday, new and existing customers signing up for a T-Mobile FAMILY PLAN with a 2yr agreement and purchase any of several featured smartphones (including the T-Mobile myTouch 4G, or the Samsung Galaxy Tab) get a fatured smartphone or "affordable Android handset" for free! Sounds like a reasonable enough deal, yes? Totally family oriented. There's some sweet phones on that list, too, including a favorite of mine, the T-Mobile G2.

Featured smartphones on the list for purchase to get into this deal or for free if you've already done the first part of the requirement include the T-Mobile myTouch 4G, T-Mobile G2, HTC HD7, and the BlackBerry Bold 9780. Included in the list of "affordable Android handsets" are these: Motorola DEFY, Motorola CHARM, LG Optimus T, and the T-Mobile Comet. This promo works on all T-Mobile family plans including legacy and Even More, for new customers activating two or more lines, or existing customers who are already on a T-Mobile family plan and upgrade at least one of their eligible lines.

Also note: "Mail-in rebates are applicable on all devices and data plans will be required." So get ready for some extra costs if you're the sort of person who ends up just forgetting to do the rebate part of the process. This offer is good between November 26th 2010 and January 18 2011. -- Thanks Lori!

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