Bluetrek Sugar Bluetooth Headset has average function; pretty exterior

Aug 25, 2008

The Bluetrek Sugar Bluetooth Headset is average, at best. But the prism design is interesting and could make a decent accessory for your on-the-go talking needs. 

When it comes to features, this headset doesn't have anything to write home about. It has a built-in voice alert that can act as a reminder for various tasks like when you need to recharge it or when it is plugged in or disconnected. You can also talk for about seven hours on one charge.

Weighing in at 14 grams, the Bluetrek Sugar is a light, compact device that has a unique design. Sure, it might be a bit clunky to wear, but it's different, that's for sure. And sometimes, that's enough. You can get your very own Sugar for $70.

[via Chip Chick]

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